Logo design

Do you need a logo design? You are in the right place!

Everything starts with your logo. A logo is a graphic mark of a company or institution. It is created in a unique graphic style representing a mixture of graphic elements (visual and typographic units) or is an explication of a specific graphic solution. A logo should be designed in a simple anåd clear manner, being momentarily recognizable as an application both in color and in black and white print as well. Graphically complex logos are not popular nowadays and are hard to remember.

Brand of a company

A logo has to do with the brand of a company. In this sense, the logo is nothing else but the visual identity of a company, organization or institution. Logo represents the company, its business and distinguishes it from the competitors. The simplicity of shape and form, choice of color, modern typography and art solution are the characteristics of a good logo design.

Things to pay attention to before you order  logo

These are extremely important questions you should pay attention to. Is the name you choose for your company/brand already taken/registered, and how can you check that info? This is a must priority. It may happen you finish a logo design, invest in marketing and website, and only then discover the name has already been taken. This means you lost the money in futile.

Is there a free domain with the name you picked? Before you create a logotype, you must make sure the domain name is available. Also, think about Google and whether the name could easily rank on Google. If the company’s name is not specific, the chances to rank well based on your name are not so high. Always consult the SEO expert.

Logo redesign

Redesign of the visual identity assumes the new logotype should establish a clear visual connection with the original logotype in order to skip any potential misunderstandings on the market with minimal communication (expense).
At the same time, the new logotype should give a good basis for developing a completely new brand architecture.

The new logotype should be modern and vivid. By keeping the clear visual connection with the original, the effect of improvement and the brand new value of the overall brand can be formed.

Company Colors

The essential part of visual identity is company colors. The header and interface of the corporate site require the implementation of the company logo at the left corner and the background company color which makes the header and the central navigation system.

Company logotype is a hot spot (link) that brings the website visitor back to a homepage. Company color shouldn’t be “undefined”. The best thing to do is to take one of sixteen basic colors. While making your final choice, take into consideration the meaning of the colors in our culture, and pick the one that supports the company’s niche. If the company deals with organic food, a logotype should consist of natural colors.

The process of creating a logotype

A starting point is a creative brief we send you. The creative brief includes key questions you should answer because they are necessary so we can start the process of creating a logotype. The key questions: Exact company/brand name; whether the company has a slogan; who is your target audience; do you have any specific colors for your logo in mind or you will leave it up to us; the style you prefer (classic, modern, minimalist, vintage, etc.); is it a webshop; type of a brand, is it a company that sells products, offers services or a consulting agency.

Professional designers

Our team, consisting of a creative executive, art executive, and professional designers is always ready to answer all your questions to be able to create a professional logo design. Don’t hesitate to provide as much info about your company as possible. The more we learn about you, the better will our work be. We don’t follow logo design trends blindly, we are striving to be authentic in what we do. The quality of a logotype design mostly depends on a creative executive and the whole team of designers leading the project.

Logo design pricing

A logo is of crucial importance for brand/company identity. It is essential to use a logo that is different from the competition. So the question is how much does the logotype design cost? As with all other expenses, it is only natural you want to know the expenses related to logotype design in comparison to the quality you will get as a final result. Hiring a professional designer or a creative agency certainly ensures your logo design becomes recognizable and shares the message of your brand. As in any kind of service, there is a wide span of prices when it comes to a logotype design, and it is important for you to understand what exactly do you get – or don’t get – for invested money.

The price of a new logo

The price could vary between 0 euros to 10 000 euros, depending on the type of your company, whether you’re a startup or a big corporation that decided to make a big investment into its brand identity. If you are starting your business and want to deal with it in a serious and professional way, your budget should be between 300 – 1 300 euros. So we advise you to define your budget before you get into logo design. Don’t forget the logo is a basic identity for web design too, i.e. its creation will influence the look and colors of your website. Our creative agency will do its best to tailor the logo based on your needs and requirements. We can offer a graphic design of business cards and memos for the same price. It’s the basic package the corporate identity starts with. If you need a packaging design or website design after we finish with the logo design, we are open to working on those projects too.

“Don’t forget: A good logo should be equally seen well on all media.”

The cheapest logo design

If you’re a professional designer, you can design the logo in Illustrator by yourself. But if you are not a designer plus your budget is low and you are not in a position to hire a creative agency, not even a freelancer, you can always choose any of the logo generators. There are many of them on the market. It will cost you 15 – 50 euros but keep in mind the possibilities are very limited. If you are gifted and have a good sense of aesthetics, you can make a good deal even with those limited possibilities. The final result depends on the invested money. You cannot buy lunch for 15 euros, not to mention the company logotype that should bring you serious income. It is your visual identity and you should be proud of your company and its logotype.

The average price for logo design

One of the potential solutions for creating your logotype is hiring a good freelancer. The price could vary between 100 – 250 euros but you should always question the quality you get for this price. For sure, you should pick a freelancer based on the references. The advantage of working with a freelancer is a good price and fair work that actually depends on his/ her expertise. Don’t forget a good designer should be familiar with the market, marketing (at least the basics), clients’ psychology, etc. If you decide to work with freelancers, study their portfolio and experience. One-to-one work certainly pays off. But there are cons too, like lack of experience, and lack of design knowledge.

Things to pay attention to

The formats of the logo the client gets, is there a vector version of the logo, can it be printed everywhere, starting with pens to billboards and always get good quality. These are the most frequent questions we get from our clients. We think it is very important to design a logo so its visibility is equally well on all types of printed and internet media. That’s why the formats are important, as well as the look of the logo. It must equally fit well on a pen as on the website. Vector means you can change the size of a logo, increase or decrease it but it won’t lose the quality.

What is a good logo?

There are many concepts defining a good logo. Some of them give priority to nice, appealing logos aiming to tell the company’s story, but this is wrong.

A good logo should meet the following three criteria: it should  – have a purpose, be recognizable, and be minimalist. The magic starts if you create a simple yet recognizable logo. To be equally well seen on all platforms. How can you check these criteria? One of the ways is to try to draw the logo after you’ve seen it.

What comes into a logo and what doesn’t?

A logotype is not a communication. A logo is an identification. It represents the full stop at the end of a sentence, that’s why its simplicity matters. The simpler the logo is the easier it is for us to recognize it and identify the company it represents. The main point is to have a logo that can last for a long time.

What makes a logo great?

1. Appropriate – logos should be appropriate in it’s feeling.
2. Distinctive & Memorable – It has to be unusual enough to persist in our mind. It should pass the “doodle test.”
3. Simple – It needs to be able to be produced in every pixel size.

When you strike the balance of these 3 things, you have a good logo.

How can you test your logo and check it’s good or not?

You should always test your logo on multiple media and different surfaces. Check how it looks next to a photo, any pic, various backgrounds, and types of paper. This is the way to get a real impression and realize if the logo identifies with the company.

The first impression can be misleading

You should always be patient and wait a bit. It rarely happens to get a good logo instantly like “love at first sight”. If a logo is good, over time it becomes more important for the company and the clients.

What makes a good logo?

  1. Simple
  2. Relevant
  3. Memorable
  4. Timeless
  5. Versatile

Start Your Business
with a Perfect Design

What is your Industry, business or brand? We can design your logo according to your industry styles, and trends. Our logo designers will help you view company logos created specifically for your business type.

Logo design for:

Accounting & CPA,  Advertising,  Agriculture logo design,  Alphabets, Animal & Pet, Arts, Auto & Transportation, Beauty, Childcare, Cleaning, Communication & Media, Community & Foundation, Consulting, Dating & Matchmaking, Employment & HR,  Engineering & Energy, Entertainment & Music, Games & Gambling, Home Improvement, Information Technology, Insurance, Internet, Investment & Finance, Jewelry & Gemstones, Landscape, Marketing, Medical & Pharmacy, Photography, Printing & Publishing, Religion & Spirituality, Research & Development, Security Spa & Massage, Sports & Fitness, Storage, Text Trade & Logistics Travel & Hotel

Need a logo for your package design, site or business cards? You are on the right place.

Sports logo

Are you a professional sports player and you need your own logo design, your own sign?  You need a few clicks to send us your data, and we will make you a professional logo with your own style. Whether you’re a sports team looking to grow your fanbase or a sporting business aiming to up your marketing game, a strong sports logo gives you an edge. Leave the competition in the dust, with a sports logo that plays hard and looks great.

Best Agriculture Logo

Do you start with a new brand farm, or you just sowing the seeds of your agriculture business? You need a good brand, with loyalty and giving customers a reason to return to you. Our team o graphic designers will design a series of inspiring agriculture logos with stylish fonts and adaptive colors as well as a professional corporate look!

Professional Investment and Finance Logo

If you are in investment and financial business we can offer great design for you. We can create great logo design according to your needs. Attract investors to your investment firm with an elegant finance logo design that communicates trust and professionalism. Just click on the button Request a design, and send us your data. We will be able to respond you as soon as possible.

Beautiful Travel and Hotel Logo

We are able to design professional logos for your hotel, motel, hostel, ferry, cruise, holiday home, travel agency, ticket booking, hospitality, bed and breakest or tour guide service move with your customers with memorable travel logos.

Spa & Massage logo

Do you need a brand for your spa? We are able to design a beautiful spa logo for you. Our first step is to create a logo and brand that your audience falls in love with, and we will satisfy all your needs. We will send you our logo brief for Spa, after you fill it we need only 6 working days to create a beautiful custom logo only for you.

Animal & Pet

What is your favorite logo style? Making logo design is very easy with Titan Design agency. We design, you choose the perfect logo for your brand. The end of the story is a design that is powerful, responsive for your company’s branding strategy. The logo is a very powerful wepon for your brand strategy. What kind of logo style do you prefer? Cute, elegant, old, classic, rustic…If you prefer symbols in logo animal design, we can create a custom symbol for your logo. We are not logo makers we are logo lovers! We design just custom logo unique style for your company.

Advertising logo

First impressions are everything. If you need modern, clear, distinctive and memorable advertising logo design, we have to talk. If you want an amazing advertising logo, work with a professional designer. But how do you know if your logo is effective? We’ve put together a checklist for creating an effective advertising logos that will help get you started on your journey to create an amazing logo design.

A good logo should have visual hierarchy. It should be simple, memorable, and adaptable to different formats. The more versatile it is the better because you can use it in different ways: print, digital, large or small sizes.

Auto & Transportation

You need a custom logo for Auto and Transportation. We will design you unique logo.
What you get:

1. finished, completely custom logo design
2. Dozens of unique logo concepts
3. Up to 4 color variations
4. The original, editable file (i.e. AI)
5. Digital, print, web files (RGB, CMYK, PNG, JPEG, PDF)

Take time to finalize your logo design process.

  • Take time to finalize your logo design process.
  • Make sure you are happy with the final design.
  • Test the logo design with your target audience.
  • Make sure the logo design is consistent with your brand.
  • Make sure the logo design is readable at small sizes, and scalable when printed as a very small version of itself.

Cleaning logo

Do you need a cleaning logo idea? You are at the beginning and need a fresh and custom logo for a cleaning company? Whether you’re an agency covering cars to carpets, or a one-man business with a specialty in homes, a simple and clean-cut logo will tell customers you’re the one for the job.

You don’t have design experience, you don’t know how?  We can help you, just send to us information about your company.

Design a Great Photography Logo

Are you in the photography business? In that case, you need a design of a photography logo that speaks to your audience.

Do you need a unique logo for your style and personality? The photography logo must show who you are and distinguishes you from the competition.
What is a great photography logo?
A great logo simple and clean, memorable. Your logo communicates all of that through color, shape, and other design elements. 

Information Technology

We design logo for an IT company specializing in technology, software and computer training.
Our logo design service can help you create a unique look, name and personality for your brand. We’ll work with you to get inside the minds of your target market, so you can make sure that every consumer who sees your logo understands what they’re getting into.

Music logo

Show the world your music and we will show your custom music logo design. Simple and clean shape. Need some fresh and iconic ideas? We can design and bring you so many different logos for your brand. You choose what is best for you!
How to start with the logo design process?

We will send you our logo brief. There you can find all questions which we need to create a perfect music logo design for your brand. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom logo with us. You can choose the right shape, color, type of logo. There are some different types of logos: Monogram, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract logos, mascots, emblems…

Photography logo design

You want to speak to your audience? Then you need professional logo design for photography logo.  In photography business icons play a large role in photography logos, and you should consider that. But for create a good brand you need more that font, image, and a standard color scheme. Your logo needs to grab attention. Do you want your brand to be noticed from people you wanted? Are you a wedding photographer, or product food photographer? Do you need attention from specific group of people?

Games & Gambling logo design

Perfect logo design for any company that is connected to games and gambling industry. The logo image displays lots of gold coins as well as a red dice showing the one and only chance. Our Games & Gambling logo design is perfect for any business in this industry. It features a colorful design with a cool font, making it the ideal choice for a logo that sets your business apart from the competition.