Poster design

The first goal of each poster design is to attract the attention of passers, and transfer the planed messages to them. As the world became full of lights, signs, billboards and flyers, it’s hard to create the dynamic posters, which will establish connection with the observers. So, for a strong visual concept, which requires little or no text, the most important thing is
communication and a clear hierarchy.

Graphic design of posters

During the design of posters, it’s important to consider where the poster will be placed. Whether it will be located in the building, will be well lit, will it be among many posters on a busy place, or will be folded and mailed. Decide whether the observers have time to stop and look the posters, or the posters need to attract their attention and transfer them the message in a few seconds, using powerful and simplified compositions. Each scenario requires a different strategy in the design in order to achieve success.

Large posters are more effective in attracting the attention of observers. The only restrictions regarding placements, the posters, the dimension of the printing press and the clients budget.