The client’s requirements: The old logo, which now looks dated, needs to be redesigned
The target group: Companies that require graphic production services (developing flexo plates, flexo printing)
The files we require: the EPS, JPG, PNG formats
In your opinion, what does your logo need to communicate to the target group: The redesign of the logo should represent the best that flexo printing can offer, that is, a letterpress reproduction in which the highest quality prints are developed and made.
The applications of the logo: website design, banners, business cards, billboard design, posters, catalog.
Our work: We redesigned – recycled the old logo, which was in the form of a square, and we came up with a circle representing the activity of the studio in a rounder and more precise way. We replaced the old font, which was rather messy, with round, precise font forms that matched the size of the sign – the circle (the dot) – in order to accentuate all the precision and accuracy this technology is capable of displaying, and we achieved that through the design of all kinds of packaging, from labels printed in a large number of copies to various types of aluminum foils and saran wraps. Speaking of flexo printing, let’s say a few words about the technology itself. This technology (a type of letterpress printing) is commonly used for printing on non-absorbent surfaces, roll-to-roll. We can develop flexo plates and print on chips and grissini bags, hot dog plastic casings, etc. All kinds of large batches.
Why the large batches? Because those are products for mass consumption. For instance, when we work on the design of a coffee package, or a spaghetti package, or a yogurt cup lid, they all require quick serial production, so producing a flexo print form is much faster. So when it comes to this type of print, it’s serious business!