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Brochure Design

The graphic design of a brochure is a great marketing tool for presenting a company. In our Titan Design agency, we offer you a unique brochure graphic design. Our brochure design is tailored according to your corporate identity look and the target group for which the brochure is intended.

Brochure Preparation and Design

The purpose of a brochure is to present a company and its products or services in a unique and interesting way, which not only attracts viewers’ attention but also prompts them to contact the company. The combination of powerful images and intelligibly written and concise messages makes for the best design solution. An easy-to-read brochure should answer the following questions: what does the company do? how can the reader get more information? and most importantly, how will the reader profit by using their products and services?

dizajn brošure

Typer of brochures

1. Ability
The focus is on disseminating information about the services offered by a company.

2. Sale/Marketing
Provides detailed information on particular products, including the information on the product characteristics and price.

3. Picture
Introduces a new brand or corporate image.

4. Information brochure
Provides significant information on a particular topic or issue in which the public is interested, and offers one the possibility of finding more information by directing them to a website or providing them with a contact phone number.

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The purposes of brochure design

To entice the reader to open the brochure and read more about a company, a product or a service. The designer has approximately 6 seconds to get the viewer’s attention.

To determine the level of public awareness of a company, organization or product by way of interesting pictures and a well-written text.

To provide useful and important information so that the observer feels the desire to keep the brochure for future reading.

To instruct the readers to ask for more information by way of the Call to Action. This may include a phone number, an email address, or a website.