Massiva Logo Design

The client’s requirements: a massive and luxurious logo
The target group: Ships, luxurious yachts, and wellness centers
In your opinion, what does your logo need to communicate to the target group: Luxury, power, energy
What colors are meant to represent the company and the logo? White or black, golden.
The files we require: The logo should be in the EPS and PNG formats
The applications of the logo: website, banners, leaflets, business cards, brochure design, leaflet design…
Our work:
The logo is made in a combination of white letters and golden foil on a black background, and a combination of brown hues with the golden color on white paper. The logo does not contain a sign, because we wanted the logo to be composed of words, with the final letter including the single form that is recognizable in relation to the brand. The beauty of the display is always in its simplicity.