Logo Design for company Technical Parking

Client Requirements: We want to design a simple and user-friendly logo. The company activity will be parking services.
Brand Name: : Technical Parking
Slogan: Not needed
The target group interested with your brand: All motor vehicle drivers, companies who need special parking space.
Required files: Logo should be in EPS and PNG format.
Logo use: Business cards design, memorandum design, employers uniforms design, flyers design, brochures design, folder design.
Our Work: : Another use of our logo design from company words. This is typographic design. There are no symbols, but the company name with a certain creation becoming a logo. You should always try everything, the simple solutions are the most difficult, because they looks easy. And it famous: “So anyone can do it! “.

In the words of Technical Parking, of two letters “I” we made a small parking. This logo should remind on the company activity and the services which are provided. The combination of black and blue font indicates contrast if the sign was that more evident. The blue color indicates the zone and parking space ie. this color indicates parking places. Font of the capital cut, designed in black, gives the strength and tone of the logo.