Content Writing

You may have heard the sentence ‘content is everything’ too many times by now, but did you understand it? Did you take it seriously?

In order to make the number of a brand’s followers continually increase, it is very important for the brand to have a well-conceived content. What does this mean in specific terms, when it comes to writing? Statistics show that users of social networks keep their attention much longer on posts which have a well-written ‘caption’ below the photograph. This applies particularly to Instagram.

A good-looking photograph will attract a follower and make him/her a loyal buyer, who, through that content, has acquired the loyalty and motivation to buy a specific product or service. If, in addition to this, the text is also well-formatted and easy to read, the followers will read it in one breath, desiring to find out more information. Series of posts on a particular topic and the coupling of several thematic units relevant to a particular industry are the best strategic approach which guarantees that you will never become boring to your followers.

A well-told story on social networks can be accomplished only through a synergy between the visual and textual content. Popular ‘storytelling’ is our favourite way to attract the attention of buyers, but also to constantly maintain a high level of their interest.

We have already mentioned that we conceive of the visual and textual content for our clients on social networks, but, other than that, we believe that different contents on the website are also significant.

The writing of SEO-friendly blog posts is our speciality. We love writing, high-quality texts, and interesting statistics which help us additionally enrich the story. We conceive, in advance, of topics and titles that are relevant to the industry and niche our client belongs to in order to be able to cover all the most important questions in that field. We nicely fit keywords into the content and try to write ‘easily readable’ texts which everyone will understand and eagerly read.

Apart from writing blogs and ‘copies’ for social networks, we also offer to our clients the writing of all kinds of texts for websites and other channels by means of which they communicate with their target public audiences.