Catalog design

Graphic catalog design represents the tools that one company presents a range of products, and production lines. This means that the catalog without any sellers interventions, delivers the customers information about products. The catalog must be convincing, and using beautiful photos and detailed descriptions, should engage the users. The agency Titan Design offers you the unique graphic design for catalog. Idea, design, photography of your product will be in the catalog.

Catalogue graphic design

Effective catalogues will allow users to find the information they need quickly. The simplest way to do this is to organize content in a clearly defined and marked areas that are easy to find. These categories of products may vary according to the type of items, function they have or the place where are they used. Graphic designers can use large items, images, banners, or range of colors to mark the different sections. It is equally important to provide the easy orientation of the page, as a well organized network can provide. Since customers usually have no physical contact with the product, it is important that the items in the catalog are displayed accurately using clear photos and detailed descriptions. Size, color, price and other special features should be highlighted in the text for quick recognition.

Catalog or brochure?

Brochures and catalogs have similar functions, so their primary goal is to sell products or services to a particular target group. The difference is that brochures tend to show only one line of products and services, and they are usually the way how dealers give the customers, while the catalogs contain an assortment of items from different production lines without any sellers intervention. The catalog must be convincing to the viewer engaged using beautiful photos and detailed description.