Photo Studio

One of the services we offer to our clients is the professional photographing of their products, campaigns, and sometimes also corporate events.

It is familiar that a good photo exerts an enormous influence on buyers and on their decision-making in terms of purchasing a particular product. At times, precisely this will be one of the main reasons for someone’s decision to purchase a product.

This is also one of the main reasons for which we have recognized the photo as an important element in the combination of services that we are offering to the clients. The photographing of products in a studio environment with previously conceived details, which make the entire experience complete, will bring a new concept of product presentation to your brand.

With the emergence of social networks, and among them especially Instagram, the need for the visual presentation of a product at a new level is enlarged. Potential buyers want to see a product in different situations and environments. Before buying it, they want to see how it is used and who is buying it. Photographs and strategic planning of the ‘feed’ can bring this to your accounts on social networks.

What has turned out to be of special importance to the business progress is the individual photographing of products for Internet shops. The buyers want to see a high-quality photo, they want to see a product from many angles and get the impression that they can almost touch the product. This gives them a closer picture and helps to decide them to buy the product ‘online’.

In order to add a glow the products, apart from the details and the special studio environment in which they are placed, our designers work on them more thoroughly in photo editing programs, where they highlight their best qualities while simultaneously trying to make everything look as natural as possible.

Sometimes we also take photos of our clients’ company employees. This is something we enjoy a lot because getting acquainted with the people who stand behind a particular brand gives us additional inspiration for future campaigns and projects. Sometimes this is a task which is part of the project of creating a company’s website, where we take photos of employees for the ‘Team’ section, and at other times this is photographing of their important business successes or events.