5 ways design impacts your e-commerce website
5 ways design impacts your e-commerce website

Let’s imagine the following situation. You’re in a big city, walking along the long shopping zone in a famous street. There are various shops of different brands. What is the first thing you pay attention to? Products, prices? Ne, the first thing we notice is the branding of the shop, with all follow-up elements – logo, colors, design of the space, etc. The next thing we ask ourselves is whether we could afford anything from that shop.

Everything listed above applies to e-commerce shops too. Regardless of the price or quality of your products, design plays the most important role in making decisions about purchasing the product. That’s why the design of your e-commerce is a key success factor. If you are interested in key elements each e-commerce website should have, then read our blog post about it.

Let’s take a brief look at the studies – up to 38% of customers leave your website if they don’t like its look. Taking into consideration each customer approximately spends 15 seconds on your website, tells a lot about the importance of having a great design. In other words, the first impression should be strong, because it has a very strong impact on leads. Customers are following their gut feeling so it is important to stir their interest with look and functionality.

Though most people would say it is not fair to consider any website in that way, and ‘judge the book based on its covers’, unfortunately, it’s a harsh reality. Many things lead to creating such a reality, above all, the offer and competition are large, so a customer can find the alternative in only a few minutes. If you’re interested in the way design can affect your e-commerce website, keep reading this post.



Design helps a site to build good and strong credibility. Based on the studies, up to 93% of customers consider the site design the key element in making decisions about the purchase. In this context, the look includes not only the website design but also the photos of the products and visuals of commercials.

The first thing website visitors pay attention to is the website design. We’re repeating this with a good reason. People process photos 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why we react well to photos and videos.

Starting with the logo, to photos and visuals used on the site, it is important to be consistent in the selection of the theme and follow the same elements. The theme should be attractive to customers and build trust. There’s another important thing – the customers love a minimalist, professional and functional design. To be interesting enough but not too striking.

UX – User Experience
UX – User Experience

2.UX – User Experience

The point of UX is in the usability of the site and the high-end user experience. Navigation on the site should be adjusted to users because nobody wants to navigate a site with a poor UX.

Besides, a responsive web design is another key element that enables the users to experience the content on all devices. This is very important for smartphones as most customers check the website on their phones and scroll the site while searching for certain products.

The top 5 examples of a poor UX include the following most common mistakes:

  • Missing product prices on the website,
  • Lack of trust due to the vague payment process,
  • Insufficient paying options,
  • Too many mistakes on product pages,
  • Unclear navigation on the website.

Due to these reasons, many people give up shopping and leave the website. In case they leave your website because they don’t like your products, there’s nothing you can do about it. But if they leave because of a poor UX, then it leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Product list
Product list

3.Product list

As previously mentioned, everything has to be consistent, so the product list too. Product photos, fonts, and descriptions should be synchronized. And when everything is ready, effective SEO descriptions will complete the list and everything needed.

If you’ve been asking yourself what the product description should look like, we believe the best thing is to be unique and recognizable. Copy should be attention-grabbing, a call to action clear, so the customers could recognize it.

A target group should be clearly defined, and the product description should be interesting and attractive. All messages on the site, including product descriptions, must fit the communicational and general brand strategy, which brings us back again to consistency.

Site loading speed
Site loading speed

4.Site loading speed

It often happens this segment stays pushed aside when it comes to web design. Loading speed is also part of UX, and it is too important to be skipped. If you don’t trust us, read the stats and you will change your mind. Namely, 47% of customers expect the site to load in less than 2 seconds. If it doesn’t happen, they simply leave the site. Also, the loading speed has become important for ranking on Google, as its algorithm considers it as one of the crucial factors for ranking.

Stand out from the crowd
Stand out from the crowd

5.Stand out from the crowd

Finally, regardless of how well the design of your e-commerce site is, if you want to leave a good impression on your customers, you should stand out from the crowd. Many sites of this type just use the same template and think they’ve finished their work. Though it’s not always a bad idea, to really stand out from others, you should be original. The E-commerce industry has a lot of competition so each detail could help you stand out from the crowd of the same sites.

There are many ways to stand out and increase sales, from the way the elements are sorted on the site, to the quality of photos, and complete branding. There’s a lot of room for experimenting and expressing creativity. Though, if experimenting is not something you need, then keep in mind you should work on a strong UX, so keep the look of the site simple and functional.

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