Regardless of the business type, you’re dealing with, the website is the first contact with your potential customers. The website itself shapes the initial impression and it takes only a few seconds of website navigation for the potential customers to judge your business and make a decision about purchase or collaboration. Responsive web design is a must and it will either flourish or destroy your business because it turns out to be the best parameter showing your ability to feel the pulse of your customers. 

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the consequence of constant changes and new technology trends that started a few years ago when people started navigating via mobile phones and tablets.

Thanks to responsive design, there is not just one screen size supported, the website content is supported for all screen sizes, and for all mobile and tablet devices. In other words, responsive web design means the website is adapted to the needs of the website visitors so they can navigate the site and the content without disruptions.

Responsive web design is not a temporary trend, quite the opposite. As one of the essential parts of website development, responsive web design has become a standard and always will be. 

How does responsive design work?

Web designers claim responsive design is not so complicated so we asked for more details and clarification regarding the functionality of the responsive web design.

There are two relevant components: fluid grids and media query directives. We will do our best to describe both.

In the past, sites were built so they have the exact number of pixels on each page. In other words, there was a precise plan of the site with a fixed width. It was a rather inflexible system, where everything was fixed and had an exact size and position. New technology trends and different screen sizes, demanded the changes of website elements so they become more flexible and easily customizable. 

Fluid grids secured the stable proportions regardless of the screen size change so the website content (texts, images, links, etc.) stays visible and has the ability to adapt to all needed sizes.

In order for the site to understand if the visitors are navigating from mobiles, laptops, or desktops, certain data are necessary, collected from the visitors so the site can adapt to all screen sizes. Media queries directives in the CSS are responsible for collecting those data. They define the parts of the CSS code related to certain circumstances (screen modes, resolution, etc.). Collected data provide specific information on each site visitor, so the CSS can adapt the mentioned parameters.

If you don’t understand any of the terms we mentioned, including the CSS, this text could be valuable The most important skills each web designer should be familiar with.

Titan design team says responsive design doesn’t involve a complicated technical procedure only, but also a good strategy and collaboration with the clients. Before we even start building the web development strategy, we have to cover the 5 questions for the clients before we start dealing with website design, helpful in determining priorities as well as understanding clients’ needs.

Is responsive design really necessary?

In short, YES. Let’s dig into the reasons.

Imagine entering a shop in a mess where you cannot find anything and the things you see from the distance are unapproachable. Would you stay in such a shop or run away from it?

The same feeling share the website visitors, navigating the site on their smartphones or mobiles but not being able to see anything because the resolution is bad, so they have to zoom in on the screen with their fingers. Finally, they get annoyed with such dysfunctionality, leave the site and never go back.

Quite the opposite, their experience should be positive and user-friendly when they land on your site.

We hope you realize now the responsive design is not a luxury, but a necessity and that you need professional guidance in building your website.

In case you decide to go ahead with our team, check our portfolio and contact us, and we will create the best web solution in accordance with your needs and requirements. If you still have doubts regarding web design, you can learn more about it in our text 5 reasons you need a web designer

If you need any other instructions or services, like graphic design, logo design, or packaging design, the Titan Design team will be happy to cooperate with you and we’re looking forward to our future collaboration.