We all recognize the logotypes of world-known brands, like Nike, Adidas, Apple. Did you know the Nike logo cost was only $35 in 1971.? Yes, those were the beginnings, and probably nobody could predict the value of their logo and brand itself. Today, the value of this logo is estimated at no less than 26 billion dollars. 

Let’s get back to the beginning, and try to imagine Nike without its sign or Apple without an apple sign. It is hard to imagine. But they existed before these logos were created. What made them recognizable is their strong brand, quality of products but above all, authentic visual identity – thanks to the logo itself.

Then why is the logo so important when you are at the very beginning? The answer is clear – logo gives the identity to a brand, represents its core values and mission. If a design solution for the logo is well done, it will immediately attract the attention of customers.

Unfortunately, if a business has an unattractive logo, it will immediately impact its identity. There is another option, where the customers won’t like the logo at all and it will repel them with its look. Also, if a business doesn’t have a logo at all, that can be a logo too. But how will the potential customers remember it?

više različitih logotipa zajedno kao što je googl
vise raznih logotipa zajedno svetski poznatih brendova

Logo and brand are not the same things

Just as we cannot identify ourselves with the clothes we wear, our brand is not the same as our logo. Colors, fonts, logo design describe our brand just the way we wear certain clothes and it describes our style.

The way our clothes cannot reveal our personality, a brand cannot be identified with a logo as well. The logo represents the business for sure but the brand is so much more than a logo. The brand is also people who stand behind the business, services, feeling we have when we buy a certain product, etc. in short, though the logo is one of the crucial points for branding a business, the logo is just an element of a big picture.

Identity – who are you?

Though you own a small business, your customers need to know who you are. The logo is an excellent way to introduce yourself. So think about it before you order a logo. Maybe you are not able to find the answer yourself, but designers and marketers can help you with it.

prikaz koliko su udobne patike nike
nike patike reklama i prikaz koliko su udobne

The first impression is the most important one

According to a well-known saying – You have only one chance to make that first good impression. You should take this seriously and apply it to your logo. The logo is the “face” of your company, which means where ever your customers get into contact with your small business (whether it’s a business card, product package – pizza, coffee, cakes package, etc.) they will notice and remember it. You might think most customers don’t pay attention to it, but the truth is they might not remember the logo on a conscious level so it stays somewhere in their memory, and if they see it a few times they will surely recognize it next time.

Hence, let them remember your logo and let it represent your business in the best possible way. Later, when they establish a deeper connection with your brand, they will get to know it more and like it even more.

Encourages and builds trust towards your brand

When we take into consideration the elements of a brand identity, the logo seems to be the most important one for building trust. The logo is that first step in communication with the customers, so it makes it very important, and you should think well about its design.

Choose your logo according to your target audience. If it’s a younger audience, then you should follow current trends popular within that population. It is a good choice to pick snazzy colors, striking fonts, and interactive design. If your target audience is older, they will not like the interactive logo, you will win them with retro fonts and nostalgic elements.

Let’s consider the fonts. For the younger audience, you could use sans-serif fonts as they look “cool”, while you should use more conventional serif fonts for the older audience that give out the air of stability.

When it comes to color choice, we know the blue color gives trust, while the yellow color may give a feeling of anxiety to the customers. Understanding colors is a science for itself and every designer should know in advance what emotions are connected to each color. This way, the customer will judge a brand without any previous contact with it.

nike logo sa prikazom na svesci
korporativni identitet za brend nike

Proof of professionalism

If you haven’t figured it out till now..this is the right moment. Business without a logo doesn’t exist. We think this is pretty clear and straightforward. Though it represents a small part of a bigger picture, the logo is one of the key elements for success.

Customers expect a company should have a logo, website, and other elements, as it indicates seriousness, dedication, and professionalism. The fact is, nobody will consider you as a serious company if you use (perhaps they will if you are a consultant at the very beginning of your career). The same analogy goes for companies without a logo.

The fact you have a logo designed by professionals will make you stand out from your competition. Maybe some business owners in your niche have created a logo or their friends interested in graphic design have done it. That could surely not be enough and you will win that battle because you understood the importance of the logo.

A logo builds connections with customers on an emotional level

Let’s get back for a moment to our favorite brands, how do we feel when we buy Paar socks, drink Kafeterija coffee, or eat Daria chocolate? If you ask us, perfect…but why? Because it is the quality we expect – walking on clouds, a taste of Brazil, and the finest chocolate.

The stats:

  • 80% of customers think colors boost brand recognition
  • 93% of purchase decisions are based on the visual identity
  • 7% of customers make a purchase based on a color

This is the reason every small business should think well about colors, fonts, and other elements, so the logo that represents their business provokes positive reactions. Some people will say that only 7% make their purchases based on colors. That 7% is quite enough for you at the very beginning, if your target audience, for example, is young women. Yes, some women don’t like pink, but the majority of them will buy that specific product exactly because it is wrapped in pink color. It’s a fact, use it.

When is the logo equal to consistency?

Nowadays, companies present themselves on various social platforms, like websites, blogs, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), and other different ways of promotion.

This implies the logo should be present everywhere your business is. Literally saying, each visual you post on any social media channel should have your company’s logo. Consistency is important, as based on it, your customers will remember you. It is also important as you will look more professional.

Consistency brings brand loyalty, so remember: a good logo makes half of the successful branding.