logotype and a brand name
logotype and a brand name

Logotype and brand & company name is the path and help to everyone who wants to start their own business. When you decide it’s time to start your own business, there are many elements to think about so as to position yourself well on the market. Also, there are two potential ways to choose.

Which way to go?

Though most people think about a logo, when considering the first step in this process, they should come back one step before and think about the name for the brand, domain name, names for social media accounts. The final step is to connect all these elements and pass from verbal and written sphere to visual.

Nobody claims the rules should be followed strictly and if a brand is based on a logo is not strong enough or vice versa, a brand based on a name. If you don’t have enough time, and you feel you’re not creative enough to think of a proper name, then you can focus on designing, creating outlines, so this could shape a name afterward.

Creating a logo based on a few hints or outlines is another way to start building all the needed elements for branding. When the logo is ready, then the words might come out of the words and then your future brand will get its name.

If you pick the first path, i.e., you chose the brand name first and then decided on the look of your logo, the next step is to think about the visual identity of your business in a broader context. This step is mandatory for those who chose the other path as the most logical one because it might be easier as they already presented themselves as visual types by choosing the logo before picking the name.

We have already posted about the visual identity but we are ready to work on that idea again from different angles, but for now, we want to focus on the first two most important points when it comes to branding – logotype and brand name.

The connection between brand name and logotype

If you want to build a brand in the right way, especially when it comes to an online, Internet presentation, it is crucial to pick a logo your customers will associate with you so it becomes widely known to your target audience.

How do you fit the brand name and logo in this scenario? The best example is “Apple”. They created an unusual and unconventional logo. Simplicity and easy-to-remember logo as the highest priority, which turned out to be a great example and path to follow. The minimalist approach made them recognizable on a worldwide level which can be an inspiration for all young business owners just starting to get into the world of branding.

As mentioned at the very beginning, there are two approaches – either you choose the name then the logo, or vice versa. Whatever path you pick, it is crucial to understand how a human brain works and the things it can remember faster and better. Images, visuals, and everything else we can see with our own eyes will stay longer in our memory, than the name of any brand. Though, if the name is striking, a combination of these two will create a successful and recognizable brand. 

How to choose a logotype and brand name

The brand name has always been important, especially nowadays due to high competition and the fact people appreciate authenticity. A well-thought name for your brand could imply a total success or a total disaster. Either everyone will remember your brand name as something important and catchy, or you will be forgotten as your name is too boring or generic. Of course, there is a worse scenario, to be judged as your brand name is inappropriate or has an insulting meaning in a foreign language.

Why is a brand name so important? It speaks about the brand’s values, significance it wants to achieve but also trust the customers should get when they think of your brand’s name. For all these reasons you should pay attention to the name and how it sounds as it is a long-term decision and it impacts the destiny of a brand and the whole company.

What can you do to discover that magical word? First of all, to think, a lot and in an analytical way, so you get to the final result. Focus on the essence of your brand and think about its future. Next, put a few keywords on a paper, relevant to your niche. Combine, play with words, and write each word that comes across your mind. Finally, at one point, the perfect word or words combination will pop up.

Also, it would be good if you take a look at your competition. Choose five competitors. Take their examples, analyze their keywords, this might give you a good idea. In the end, pick a name that will secure a good online presence, check if the name has been taken, and even if it has, if possible, buy the domain as there is always a possibility the name is not in use anymore. You can read more about choosing a domain name in one of our blog posts.

5 things to know before you order a logo

We keep repeating this over and over again in our blog posts, but as we find it useful, we will write about it again. Adjust your logo to your target audience. This is extremely important. This will dictate the logotype you order from a designer, so pay a lot of attention to this step.

The next thing to do is to research A players in your niche. Find out what they do, how does their logo looks like, and keep pace with current trends in your niche. This might help you create the elements you want to see on your own logo. This step is important, even if there is a possibility of a redesign, you must think about making your logo recognizable from the very beginning.

Try to create a logo that will be in accordance with the values of your brand. For example, if ecology matters to you, then pick a green color as one of your logo colors. This will help your customers understand the message at first sight.

Think about fonts and colors you want to add to your logo. You will certainly not choose Comic font if you are into consulting business, as it will make you look unprofessional. Also, you should google and find out the meaning for each color.

After you conduct thorough research, choose colors, fonts, elements, etc., it is time to talk with a designer and pass your idea related to a unique and appealing logo. You won’t accept less as your brand deserves the best.

Finally…ask yourself, what is the purpose of your logo?

We will write about designing logos in our upcoming blog posts, and if you find this guide useful, share it with your friends, especially the ones that are just about to start their business.