onlajn brendiranje
onlajn brendiranje

Our previous blog post was dedicated to crucial steps you need to pay attention to when it comes to branding small businesses. As the first steps in establishing the basis for a successful business, we mentioned a brand name and logo design. This text will be dedicated to choosing a domain name and online branding that should be the same as a brand name. These points should be seriously considered at the very beginning of the overall process.

Based on the studies, the most important names in the online world  – Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, have something in common. All these names are creative, recognizable, easy to pronounce and write.

Though keywords are related to better ranking, you should not exaggerate with them when you choose a domain name. It is better to create a modification of the already existing word or think of a completely different word or phrase. If you use keywords, then pick only one and help search engines to rank you better.

The most famous sites usually have short and easy-to-remember names, 6 – 15 letters, or characters. This is why they become popular. Because it is easy to type them in search engines.

It is not good to put numbers and other signs, that could be difficult to remember, should not be used for a domain name. Also, if a domain name is too long, you should consider using the initials.

These were just a few chosen tips, read about our 5 tips from our own experience that showed the best results when it comes to picking the best domain name for clients. 

  1. Choose the best domain extension

Part of the domain coming after “dot” is called extension, and the most used one is “com”. There are other ones but this is definitely the leading extension and most people use it. Besides the fact it’s the most credible extension, many users type it in search engines automatically. 

Users without any particular knowledge could make a typing mistake (if the name of your site is when they type all that and add “com” too).

Also, keep in mind most mobile phones automatically add “com” at the end of your search, which additionally makes the site search difficult if it doesn’t end with “com” extension.

In Serbia, the “rs” extension is a good choice if a brand is dedicated to the domestic market and all site content is written in Serbian. Search engines will approve this and positioning on the domestic online sky will be incredible.

  1. The importance of a well-performed research

You can find more than 1,3 billion websites, so the chance unique and creative names are already taken is most probable. It’s the case with English names. When it comes to the Serbian Internet, there’s a chance, not all super interesting names are already taken.

There are special sites you can visit to check if names are already taken. Domain names generator is the first place to do research and they offer more options in terms of extensions and prices. “Com” extension is usually the most expensive one, while “net”, “info”, etc., are less expensive.

After you think of an interesting and exclusive and only your name, don’t forget to buy it, next you will need hosting so your future site can have all the needed technical elements for setting up and launching on the Internet.

  1. Check if the name is protected

This is one of the crucial steps to avoid any unnecessary legal disputes with domain owners, that are using similar words. So always protect your domain name.

Also, it is important to remember the domain name will not be renewed automatically and if you forget about it you will be able to renew it in a month or even a few months. Then the domain name is locked for some time and the owner gets the notification if the domain subscription is not renewed promptly, the provider will set it as a free domain and someone else will be able to take it. Also, if this scenario happens, keep in mind, no one will automatically be able to claim the right to buy a trademark as soon as the lease expires. 

Another essential point related to all protected domains is the one that is protected from being transferred to other addresses, as this sometimes happens due to hacker attacks and similar illegal actions.

  1. Try to find out the meaning of your chosen brand name in different languages

Brand positioning on a global market carries many risks, and the selection of a name is just one of them. Still, you don’t want to be remembered for giving an inappropriate name to your brand.

Some of the most famous digital brands never thought much about this direction when thinking about the names for their brands. For example, Apple’s virtual assistant Siri means “ass” in Japanese.

Of course, choosing a name and consulting with language experts is not an easy nor a cheap job. For this reason, sometimes, it happens that the name of a product or brand is modified pr completely changed.

  1. Be fast!

There is a high demand for domain names on a global level, every day. Domain names sell fast. So our advice would be, once you think of a name, buy it fast because it might not be available tomorrow. This relates to English names especially.

When you pick a name, purchase a domain, and hosting, then it is time to order a logo for your future business. What do you think about it? Send us a message!