A highly important topic to consider is whether repetition takes precedence over innovation. Both are equally important. If innovation is part of your brand, then based on previous work,  repetition related to design will tell customers something completely different each time.

– Repetition – Creating the same things over and over again, only better
– Innovation – Creating new things
– Interruption – Creating new things which make the old ones seem dated

A logo is intended to be the face of the company. The purpose of a logo is to make the company communicate through it the unique brand identity and the business that the corresponding brand represents. Depending on the design philosophy, the hardest thing is to achieve is to create a simple logo, made up of basic elements, and to make it successful.

Studies show that people recognize and perceive a picture faster than a text. That is especially evident in the world of modern and mobile technologies.

#WDYSF (What do you stand for)

We will not question the source of inspiration for some of the latest logos, it is very important to reflect the purpose of the design and to communicate the value of the purpose and essence of the logo, as well as its design and reliability.

Here is an example of the Airbnb logo and the effort and energy invested in a logo called “white”, i.e. in  the essence of the logo and the story behind it. This logo has breathed a new life into the complete brand in every aspect of the company.

The logo has been designed in such a way so that the brand can build a complete community around it made up of caterers, guests, and Airbnb employees. A striking balance was also made between BX (Brand Experience), UX (User Experience), and CX (Customer Experience).

Of course, identity is much more than a symbol. So the entire experience and impression of Airbnb has been redesigned, as it was necessary to present the community members in a better way. Because, nothing represents a better identity than the community members themselves.

The essence is in the community. And a community is much more than the belonging to something – it is work on something that is the purpose of existence. So the logical question to ask is – What do you stand for?

Without purpose and essence, a logo is nothing but design. It is similar to the previous, original one, it makes no difference and is bland and impersonal.

Lastly, a purposeful logo is a symbol behind which the company stands and whose purpose is to capture the attention of the end users.