Case Study - “DR VET Group” catalogs for healthy and happy pets
Case Study - “DR VET Group” catalogs for healthy and happy pets

The first question we asked ourselves when we started working on this catalog was – What can make pet owners happy? What should be the initial idea of the creative process and what would be the best way to present DR VET cat and dog supplements? We have been considering all aspects for a long time and finally realized the most valuable thing for pet owners is to have happy and cheerful pets but first of all HEALTHY pets.

The initial idea and setting up the basis

For this reason, we decided to make it our starting point for creating the design of this catalog, where we should present the healthy products for cats and dogs in twenty pages. The brief included, besides the number of pages, the client’s wish to fit the catalog style with the package look. So we set up the basis, and all conditions to start creating concrete solutions.

We decided to focus on the visual component and the educative component as well. In other words, we carefully prepared the texts explaining all supplements in detail together with the client.

Combining all these elements we got a great fusion of appealing and educative catalog and managed to attract the attention of pets owners. In our previous blog post, we spoke about Tips for catalogs and brochures design. One of the points related to the fact we always create catalogs so they keep their value for a long time. DR VET catalog is surely something cats and dogs owners will keep and get back to it to list it again and remind themselves about the importance of giving supplements to pets.

About the client

DR VET team counts more than 30 years of experience in fields like vet sciences, training of show dogs, judging at international shows, and general dog care. Plus, 20 years of experience in food production for pets, which helped their team to understand what type of nutrition is needed to keep the health of dogs and cats at the top level.

Years of first-hand experience and studying about supplements, combining various supplements available on the market, the idea and need to shape that extensive knowledge and realize it as an independent project was born. DR VET products are an outcome of a rich experience, created with supervision and professional assistance of the Department of Animal Nutrition, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade.  

The result of this business initiative is six supplements.

Goals and target audience

The goal we wanted to achieve with creating this catalog is clear and educative content on one hand and modern and attractive visual design on the other hand. By mixing these two components, we were able to reach another goal, and that was the value of the catalog. We wanted to create something that will have a long-term value and set the standards for all potential catalogs for this client.

The target audience we addressed with the catalog includes pets owners, especially the ones who professionally breed purebred dogs and cats and want impeccable health conditions for their pets. The catalog is also addressed to all dogs and cats owners who value the correct nutrition of their pets or want to get additional care for their dogs and cats in sensitive age or if they have any health issues due to different irritations and allergies. 

Tasks for Titan Design team

We like teamwork, work on each project together hence split tasks internally. We are dedicated to reaching our goals. The way we achieve this is by splitting the overall project into smaller parts.

  1. Choosing the proper content and content writing – this task was dedicated to content writers. As we were cooperating with this client before, in creating a few posters for promoting supplements, it turned out writing texts for the catalog was easy as we already knew the products and client’s demands.

The text provided the most important facts on the products, their ingredients, and the effect they have on dogs and cats. The catalog is bilingual (Serbian and English) so it was needed to translate all texts into English.

Regarding the other content types, we decided to add certain visual elements with the most significant information and benefits of consuming these supplements.

  1. Creating modern and attractive design – our design team was dealing with this task. Based on the previous experience with this client (designing website and posters) they created innovative elements.

The most essential goal was to create a catalog with a simplified design, without too many distracting elements, so they get readable, clear yet modern design.

Catalog covers are black. We chose this color as it reminds us of dog and cats hair with its structure. The textual part, logo, and silhouettes of dogs and cats are in silver. Below, there are three lines (orange, green, and pink) presenting supplements.

On the first page of the catalog (left side), there is a photo of a dog/cat, next to it, at the very left part, there are visual presentations of the benefits of the supplements. On the right, there is a photo of the supplement package, bones, and numbers below, and in the right corner (dominant part) there is a text in Serbian and English.

The back cover has a photo of a happy family together with its pet. The idea was to fit the initial client’s idea and to put the focus on the most important thing  – a HEALTHY pet.

We used the elements we already used on posters and the website – bones in product colors, with the most important numbers and information on the product. This visual should remind of the infographic where information is presented in the simplest way with less text but more numbers.

Titan’s solutions for DR VET Group

Finally, we are sharing the final solutions of this project and hope you like our design for DR VET catalogs for supplements.

We truly enjoyed building the overall visual identity for this client, shaping recognizable elements, that we later on used in different situations.

Next week, we will share a new post, in the meantime, feel free to share this post with your colleagues working on design projects.