Have you ever felt overwhelmed with new trends, terms, and strategies? It seems new terms related to digital marketing emerge all the time, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of this rapid trend. With the arrival of new technologies, marketing changes its trends, new marketing trends are popping up while you don’t manage to keep pace with all of them. If you are a small business owner, you might find it difficult to remember all the terms as you are busy with running your business. For this reason, we have prepared a guide where you can find 15 terms essential for understanding digital marketing in 2021.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is widely known as a computer science area and the usage of smart machines dealing with tasks and operations that are typical for human intelligence. This is an interdisciplinary science with lots of different approaches, the most known ones are machine learning and deep learning achieving amazing results in various areas of technological development. We will write about them in a more detailed way.

Digital marketing is connected with AI via chatbots (helpful as customer support); most relevant ads are displayed on social media, etc.


You’ve run into chatbots many times for sure, small pop-up windows appearing on certain sites, offering a customer support chat. A chatbot is software that uses artificial intelligence, uses human words and phrases, communicates with buyers on desktop, mobile, or chat applications. This software enables buyers to get information in a fast turnaround time. Without waiting in queues, or waiting too long when contacting call centers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps buyers to solve a certain problem, read more information on a specific product. Providing quality content to the buyers gets more leads, attention, and sales opportunity. There’s a wide variety of content that could be created within this field, and most important are blogs, infographics, podcasts, video material, etc.

Display Advertising

This type of advertising is used online and we can spot it on many websites, mobile applications, and social media. We usually see them as banners. The goal is to advertise products and services. Display ads can consist of a video, text, sound, and images.

Interactive Content

Users have the ability to actively participate with interactive content and they are encouraged to take concrete action. Good examples of interactive content are quizzes, competitions, question boxes, sliders, interactive maps, these are all popular, audiences like them, and they inspire them to communicate with a brand on social media. Besides, interactive content is valuable for gathering data and information that coil help you meet your target audience better and create personalized content and campaigns.

Lead Magnet

The goal of a lead magnet is to collect leads. An example of a lead magnet is an ebook, free webinar, or a template. Big companies, but small businesses too offer lead magnets to attract potential buyers and gather their data. Lead generation strategy is exactly based on this principle.

Machine Learning

We have already mentioned this term when explaining artificial intelligence, in this paragraph, we will provide more information. Machine learning starts when artificial intelligence is applied to a computer system, where a machine can learn based on analyzes and data used. Plenty of marketing activities can be developed thanks to machine learning, starting with targeting, optimized content, and finally showing the content that matches the content the users often follow on social media.

Laptop, Tv, mobilni, tablet
Laptop, Tv, mobilni, tablet

Mobile Optimisation

Optimization is needed so the content on your site can be loaded properly on mobile devices. Optimized sites offer a superb user experience, no matter if they open the site from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. Nowadays, 8 out of 10 users access websites via smartphones, so it is more than clear the optimization is a priority.


Personalization allows the users to follow the content tailored to their wishes and directed to their needs and requirements. Examples could be, targeted email campaigns, personalized prizes, or references. Again, machine learning and automatization can optimize personalization and make it better and more efficient.


Pay per click is an internet marketing model when the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on his/her ads. Basically, this tactic is used to buy more website visits, in comparison to organic traffic (via SEO option). There are several types of PPC ads, but the most used are the Google paid ads. When someone searches a specific term or phrase, especially if these are commercial searches (with a final goal to make a purchase) he/she will clearly see these ads as they are marked as “Ad’. for example, the search could look like this: mobile phones, Zvezdara Beograd.


Unlike the paid content search, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an organic way to attract more visitors to the website. If you want to get on the first Google page, you can achieve it via SEO. there are many different ways to accomplish it, but the most effective one is via keywords relevant to a certain niche. Writing blog posts with chosen keywords helps better ranking, as well as on-site and off-site optimization.

Znak mesindžer i facebook
Znak mesindžer i facebook

Social Messaging Apps

If you’ve thought we are planning to write about Viber or similar applications, you are only partially right. Such apps are popular communication means in the past few years. As people are increasingly using them, marketing experts spotted the potential to use them for communication between a brand and its users. For example, via Facebook Manager, you can answer questions of your buyers and/or help them make the right decision regarding the purchase. Chatbots can deal with that too.

Ruke i znak play
Ruke i znak play

Video Marketing

Video is a great choice for presenting your brand and sell better your services. As a visual type of content, video raws more interactions, likes, shares, etc. more than other types of content. Based on some studies, viewers of videos remember 95% of content while the ones that read the info in a regular post, remember only 10% of the info.

Znak za lokaciju, event, colud, keypad
Znak za lokaciju, event, colud, keypad

Voice Assistant

Voice assistant is software reacting to voice commands and it is used for speech recognition. There are numerous examples, like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana. People are increasingly doing searches on their mobiles via this type of software. This should be taken into consideration when creating content. For instance, all FAQs people search for in browsers should be placed in one blog post or several blog posts so this content becomes relevant and shows up in a search, in this case, a voice search.

Smajliji, tužni, ravnodušni i srećni
Smajliji, tužni, ravnodušni i srećni

World-Class Customer Experience

Global pandemics gave us the opportunity to sell and promote our products and services not only on a domestic but also global market. Marketing enables us to display our product to a much larger audience than we would ever think. The priority has been moved from local to the global level, offering a first-class user experience on a global level. This implies having a buyer in focus, and tailoring content based on the buyer’s needs, including personalization, regular and efficient customer support.

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