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Since 2020. summer new policy regarding iPhone changes was announced. The changes were related to the new rules for data protection and privacy of iOS users. The question was how all this would impact social networks, especially Facebook, as all these networks collect various data from profiles. These data are valuable for marketers as they enable narrow targeting of potential consumers and the possibility to show them personalized ads. According to new rules, iPhone shows it takes care of its users, and that it asks for more transparent information on data related to data collected from any apps. But also about the information on the way the collected data are used.

Ekran telefona
Ekran telefona

Why is iOS 14 a problem for Facebook?

Based on the announced changes, Facebook, on the other hand, prepares a set of changes. Is it necessary for Facebook to make the changes too? Simply put, the problem happens when iOS 14 users open the Facebook app on their phone and get the notification they can turn off the exposure of their personal data related to Facebook Pixel. If data are not collected in this way, targeting makes no sense, because it is not possible to do proper targeting, hence the efficiency of targeting campaigns loses its weight.

This is how a warning notification could look like on the iOS 14 update version and what type of data apps usually collect from their users.

Facebook relies on data collected from its users so to be able to share the relevant content to motivate them to make a purchase or visit a certain page and leave their personal info. Whatever CTA has been used in a certain ad, Facebook can clearly let its clients know the users will add certain data. This attitude will make it still a desirable social network for advertising.

Currently, it is not defined when will these iOS 14 updates be released. 

Naturally, many marketers are concerned and question these updates. For this reason, we have decided to share all info we found on reliable sources.

How does the new iOS 14 affect Facebook marketers?

Changes announced by Apple a few months ago will affect the way Facebook gets info and process them. All this is related to conversions happening thanks to a tool such as Facebook Pixel. In other words, it means, each company, whether small or big, will have problems with targeting, optimization of campaigns, but also with tracking the success of campaigns. Besides, it is important to know Apple requires showing its users a brief notice and ask their acceptance, and to follow important parameters. We will show how it looks like below.

These new iOS 14 updates will disable the collecting of specific data unless the user allows it. This may sound familiar as websites in Europe and in our region with the usage of GDPR regulations started pushing notifications about cookies and other data the website collects.

If iOS users decide to refuse to give consent to collecting their data, the resulting domino effect will look as follows:

  • If Facebook cannot follow its users, pixel efficiency will never be the same and its practical value for marketers showing ads on phones with the iOS system will be useless and equal to zero. All efforts that gave great results via remarketing will start providing unreliable results.
  • Options for targeting iOS users on iPhones will decrease which means the chances for creating highly personalized ads will be quite low.
  • Less targeting means less personalization of ads, especially the copies.
Plava ikonica faceboka
Plava ikonica faceboka

What are reactions coming from Facebook?

Before we answer this question we should mention almost 80% of Facebook users use this app on mobile devices. Most of these users believe the iOS system is the best one and so they choose to use it. How many of them will allow Facebook to use their data for retargeting after watching a documentary film like the Social Dilemma we mentioned in one of our blog posts? Numerous scandals about data misuse made us all much more careful with checking the conditions and policy of using social networks.

And how did Facebook react? They publish a blog post stating this new Apple update will affect the owners of small businesses, which is not quite true, as the budgets they invest in ads cannot be compared with the budget of big companies. When big corporations decide to stop investing in Facebook ads, then the panic will start.

Ios 14
Ios 14

How will iOS 14 impact your advertising?

Though there are many ways iOS will affect your ads, we will mention the three most important ones.

Less efficient advertising

We have already mentioned this as one of the most striking consequences of adding new regulations. It is known, more or less, that all Facebook strategies have a certain type of remarketing, following conversions, or lookalike audience – all these strategies are based on the efficiency of Facebook Pixel. If most or all iPhone users refuse data collecting, then this usage of Pixels will be completely useless. 

Fewer sales on websites via ads

Those who aim to increase sales via Facebook ads will have to choose other tactics as personalization of ads will decrease which will bring to 60% fewer products sales on websites. 

Small businesses will have difficulties in reaching the users from their target groups

Small businesses will not be able to do the remarketing of people who visited their sites from phones (the ones that use iOS) but the Pixel efficiency will drop and there will not be any possibility of creating a lookalike audience.

Tips for those who deal with Facebook ads

  1. Verify domains of the projects (you’re working with) in Facebook ads or Business Manager (for potential updates and security sake)
  2. Plan and narrow the usage of Standard Events to a maximum of 8 per domain (Facebook will add Aggregated Event Measurement, so as to be able to deal with the problem of following only one final event for iOS 14 users)
  3. Revise your previous Attribution Window (28 days and 1-day view) to the new one (7 days click); (As Facebook has limitations in following iOS 14 users, it has to simplify the attribution models).
  4. For placing dynamic ads, it is needed to place one Pixel per catalog, so to get accurate data.

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