Daljinski u ruci
Daljinski u ruci

Titan Design always wishes you a creative and successful year, not only in holiday times. We have decided to prepare a blog post different from the previous ones. Spending our free time mostly at home, watching films and series turns out to be one of the most popular activities. Social media topics are one of the most often ones in our agency, so we have decided to cover the binging topic not only as a fun topic but as a useful one too.

We are sure everyone will find something interesting on our list, perhaps get fresh ideas for new campaigns on social channels or at least for series of creative posts. Enjoy, use your holidays to take a break as another dynamic and challenging year is ahead of us.

Ekran mobilnog telefona na kom je mrtvačka glava
Ekran mobilnog telefona na kom je mrtvačka glava

1.The Social Dilemma (documentary, Netflix)

This film showed up on the streaming Netflix platform, a few months ago. If you still haven’t had a chance to watch it, there are many reasons to do so: relevant guests, speakers are explaining the way social media and algorithms are working, what happens to data we share on various applications and different ways to improve your social media channels.

Even if you use social media on a daily basis, as a user or creator, social media manager, etc., you will probably hear and learn new info listening to guests of this documentary. This film is balancing well between the surprise effect (regular users will probably experience this) and insider information (interesting to advanced users).

2.The Hater (triller, Netflix)

This is a stunning film, and it’s definitely worth watching. It‘s a Polish film, so you will have to add the English translation to understand it, but the value of this film is in better understanding bots, trolls, and similar online avatars who express their hatred on social media networks and forums.

It’s a story about a young man using social media for progressing in his career, but not only for those purposes. He knows everything about everyone, is able to dig important information, and then use them against people who bother him in any way. Whether they deserve it or not, you will find out if you decide to watch this film.

This film is popular as it speaks about contemporary society, misinformation, their impact on our lives, and implications in general. Though social media are only a small part of a problem, in this film, they are presented as a small part of a big picture showing us what is happening when someone decides to fit in social forms at any expense.

Devojka sa dugom tamnom kosom s' leđa
Devojka sa dugom tamnom kosom s' leđa

3.Emily in Paris (series, Netflix)

Popular Netflix series. Though social media are not the main topic, the main heroine Emily (this is not something you’ve expected) is dealing with social marketing, and you can see a few great viral campaigns, and case studies of personal branding. 

Emily works in a Chicago marketing agency, young and ambitious, she understands social media very well. She gets a chance to join their office in Paris, to work on luxury brands and their social media promotion.

She changes her Instagram username to @emilyinparis and soon her posts become viral, and during the show, she gets an offer to become an influencer for the beauty industry. This series can show you how someone working in an agency with great connections with beauty brands is managing to balance all.

You will love a dynamic agency life of a young marketer in Paris, gorgeous city sights, and well-organized events for a few clients. You will learn how to overcome critical situations, on social media and event planning and realization.

Čovek sa s' ledja sa šalom oko vrata
Čovek sa s' ledja sa šalom oko vrata

4.The Great Hack (documentary, Netflix)

Would you like to learn more about personal data gathered on various apps? Where do they go, who and how gather them, and how are these data used? This documentary provides answers to this and many other questions about a multimillion industry that sells data.

Everyone working on narrow targeting of potential consumers on social media knows how valuable these data could be. They offer information about any social media user interested in a specific topic. Also, it is crucial to understand how the so-called surveillance internet works and what it brings to each user.

The documentary talks about the most famous company working on this type of data processing – Cambridge Analytica, who created campaigns for Brexit and Donald Trump. One of the employees decided to speak up about the way the company works and she became an intruder. If you are curious to see what she discovers, watch this documentary to check.

SPECIAL SUGGESTION for binging: we recommend this documentary first, next, a British film Brexit on HBO (where Cambridge analytics is described in more detail) and finally, The Social Dilemma.

Lica muškarca sa crnom kosom i devojke sa plavom kosom
Lica muškarca sa crnom kosom i devojke sa plavom kosom

5.You (series, Netflix)

This is definitely one of the series that will grab your attention completelly. Tense, interesting, and with a great point, the series “You” will show you the other, bad side of social media, and the influence of stalking people. You will be attached to it and its many reversals.

Social media are observed from a user point of view and it shows the ways people can use all its features to reach certain data and manipulate this info. But not only info but people lives as well which brings many turnarounds.

We will not reveal any more details, find the trailer of the first season and everything will be clear to you.

Enjoy your holidays, read some of our blog posts. And discover info on new upcoming trends in 2021. in graphic design, packaging design, content writing, and digital marketing.