We have decided to dedicate this blog post to Instagram reels as they are an increasingly popular trend. This is a new format, enabling you to create and share 15-second videos, in feed and stories. This new form is an opportunity for brand promotion, exactly via Instagram reels.

The new option supports an individual feed, so we have another feed option on Instagram: a vertical feed for publishing photos and videos (standard posts), a horizontal feed, where we can see who published new Instagram stories, and finally, a new reel feed option for posting short videos.

Reels should be a direct competition to Tik Tok and attract generation  Z on Instagram. But also to give the opportunity to brands to present themselves in this brief and fun way. Though the influencers are presenting themselves in reels, it seems most brands are still trying to understand its value.

Since reels are becoming more and more popular, we think it’s about time to use this option in planning your posting content on social media. Let’s check all options for brand promotion via Instagram reels.

1.Tell a story about your brand

Each brand should answer the following question: “Why should I buy your product or book your service?” Reels pop up as an ideal format to answer this question. Besides, this format allows you to present your brand in an authentic and fun way.

When you are representing your brand, it should be conducted in an honest manner, without big and meaningless words, it should be straight from the heart and without selling intentions. The video presenting your brand should not be about selling your services, it should be spinning around the initial idea, vision, and road to success. There’s a wide variety of music you can choose for the background, or even record your own video, and your reel will be ready for sharing.

2.Offer a special discount for the followers of your reels

As a new feature, reels have the potential to attract a loyal audience. This new format can draw their attention, especially because it lasts short, and as it is a combination of music, stickers, and videos. You should also keep in mind, the organic reach will be high in the first days and months, and as this segment is not yet monetized, there are high chances to stand out in reels than in feeds and stories. Apart from attracting loyal ones, it will surely attract new followers.

Here are a few more tips for increasing sales via reels: announce seasonal discounts via reels, connect Instagram shop with reel videos, and tag products directly in a video. Display a jewelry collection, shoes, or clothes. And don’t forget to announce discounts. Create a special reels code and monitor as the sales grow.

3.Share the creative process with your followers

When it comes to small businesses, consumers get attached because these products have been created with lots of love, usually, they are handmade and bring a sense of a close atmosphere and belonging to a group/society. Consumers love to watch the creation of their favorite products. Reels are a great opportunity to show background stories and give your consumers insights into one day in a workshop, a designer making sketches, shoemaking, etc.

Imagine how DIY projects can be presented in an exciting manner via reels. It is possible to record a video in several segments, edit it, etc. This could be a creative way to show a “before and after” of an apartment reconstruction or chair repair.

Don’t forget  – one brand doesn’t consist of a perfect feed and images only, but failures, overdue deadlines, and pandemics as well. Pack all files into a video and show your consumers you’re prone to making mistakes as well. This will create a stronger bond as your consumers will understand you’re going through the same experiences as they are.

4.Introduce your team

The world of social media and the Internet can seem too cold and dehumanized especially when it comes to band promotions and presentations. For this reason, it is recommendable to show the team standing behind a brand or a small business as these people are working hard every day to prepare your favorite food, coffee, or pajamas you usually wear during your Zoom meetings. This is a good way to connect with your consumers and strengthen the bond between you.

Use reels to record your colleagues talking about hobbies, favorites books, or TV series, with nice background music. This could be especially beneficial in creating a relaxed atmosphere on social media if your business allows less flexibility when it comes to fun content. Imagine programmers, bankers, accountants, or lawyers suggesting their favorite series. Certainly, it is more relaxing content than explaining the tax, rate interest, etc.

5.Educate your followers and show them how to use your product

Instagram reels can offer a great chance to educate your followers whether about your brand, values, industry niche, or any other useful question. If you consider yourself an expert, knowledgeable in a specific field, offering your consulting services, reels could be a great tool to present the most important terms from your niche in an efficient and brief way. Some of the industries are not well known in public, so you can literally be a pioneer in presenting the significance of your niche but also the best representative of your colleagues.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to demonstrate to your followers how to use your products. There is always a creative way for a proper presentation, to emphasize hidden elements or new ways of usage unknown to consumers.

Refresh your Instagram profile and add some excitement

Instagram reels can motivate you to take action and start planning content, in case you haven’t done it on a regular basis before. This is your chance to express creativity in a different way. If you think it is too much to plan content for three feeds, you can pass this task and responsibility to professionals. If you feel that way, contact us, book a meeting so we can create the strategy together, and let’s have fun creating reels for your Instagram profile.