Narandžasti broj 5
Narandžasti broj 5

Web designers are professionals versed in a wide range of skills, both technical and creative, so the client can get a quality website and a proper online presence, the one the clients gladly will get back to. If you’ve been wondering why you need a web designer, keep on reading this text and discover the 5 basic reasons for hiring a professional web designer.

Up to 87% of consumers shop online or browse the products online, so it is significant to have a well-developed and functional web page. When navigating a certain website, a customer expects to find the needed information, otherwise, they will leave the page quickly and search for products or services on another site.

Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, one thing is clear. Nowadays, online shopping has been increasing, hence having a well-positioned, functional website is a necessity. If you are a business starter, you will need a website; also, if you feel you need a redesign, contact Titan Design and we will create the best possible solution for you.

Let’s analyze the reasons to hire a good web designer.

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1.Because a web designer will create a top-notch site for you

Currently, it is easy to build a website because anyone can build it thanks to free online tools. Many people use these free versions so their site looks generic, with elements dozens of people will use as well. Overall, the final product is one boring-looking web page, that will never help a brand stand out from the competition.

When you give your trust to a professional web designer and agency, you will get the look and functionalities tailored exactly to your needs, so you can manage your online business in an easy and non-disruptive way. As an agency, we can easily understand your requirements.

Ruka koja drži dva tasa
Ruka koja drži dva tasa

2.Website will additionally strengthen your online presence and strategy

The main task for a web designer is to set a solid basis for the website so it gives profit in the upcoming years. To manage this, website designers are researching, listening, and learning about your business in detail. They need to know about your target audience, values, goals, etc. as this is the only way for them to create a site that will completely correspond to your needs.

By using this information as a compass to go through the project, each element a designer places on the site is directed to achieving your online strategy goals.

A goal is also to create a site that will impress the buyers so a designer shapes the website based on your brand to perfectly fit the general marketing strategy.

3.You will get a professional-looking website

You know what they say – the first impression is the most important one! That is why you should focus on the look of your site as many buyers will have the first contact with your brand exactly when they navigate your website.

If you hire a professional web designer, you can be sure the final product of that work will be a flawlessly created website, that will draw the attention of the visitors from the first moment they navigate the landing page.

When it comes to the look of the website, try to shape your opinion after this information. Namely, after the scientific study at the University of Missouri, following reactions of website visitors, they came to the conclusion less than a second is needed for a website visitor to create a certain opinion about the site he/she navigates.

In short, free tools, incomplete solutions will not produce any results. You need someone to showcase the strength of your brand in a web presence so the visitors can recognize your brand immediately and feel they can trust it.

Ruka koja drži krug
Ruka koja drži krug

4.Superb experience for website visitors

An attractive website that draws attention but also offers an excellent user experience, has the power to convert a visitor into a buyer that will enjoy the shopping and come back again. In case of any difficulties in site navigation, for example, slow website speed, it is inevitable the buyer will leave the website and search for the same or similar product on another website.

Based on Google research, usually, two to ten seconds is needed for the site to open, but if that time becomes longer, it increases the tension of the visitors from mobile devices, and the chances for them to leave the website jump to 123%. For this reason, it is important the website loading doesn’t last more than a few seconds.

Intuitive navigation is of crucial point to make the website visitor stay longer, therefore meeting the buyers’ needs is one of the key tasks for web designers. A fusion of the above-mentioned points will produce a website worthy of attention, a great engine for starting your online business, and a place where the buyers can easily navigate and follow your CTA (call to action) with pleasure.

5.Becasue the SEO is important

Even if you have great visuals, amazing online shop, but your content is not optimized, you will never position on the first Google page and you will always be behind your competition.

A professional web designer understands the significance of the SEO, so one of the tasks is to deal with technical site optimization, dive deep into the site architecture (build it from scratch in case of creating a new website), working on user-friendly navigation, setting all the needed elements, and involving the discipline, logic, and site functionality.

Our content writer will handle the website texts, so the site can be fully ready for a good ranking on Google and other browsers.

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Logo Titan dizajn i dve olovke sa obe strane

Titan Design knows the worth of a web design for your website

Usually, before we start with the project, we have the top five questions for our clients.

Apart from web design services, our agency is well-known for various services regarding graphic design, content writing services, and digital marketing. To get all information on our services, contact us, and we will be happy to meet you and start another successful collaboration.