Can a small business survive without it?

In fact, it can. Who needs logo design? To put it simply – nobody can answer that question. Anybody can easily build a business without it. In theory, through hard work and by providing in the best way possible a basis for their clients, all in the service of their own products, everybody can rely on keywords and expand upon it, while believing in the old-fashioned way of going from door to door and knocking on each and every one of them.

A lot of you are doubtful about the full-fledged value of logo design or creating a logo.

“My business will make it on its own”, you may exclaim, “I don’t need no frigging logo.”

Sure, you still have to concentrate on the basics of your business (a big brand can’t make up for shoddy work – we’ve never promised you any such thing anyway). But a decent logo (and hopefully a great one) will help creating an opinion on your business and will make it possible for it to succeed.

As a logo design company, it is obvious that sales are our forte and that a logo should be a part of your business plan. That’s another thing we believe in. After all, that was a part of our business plan as well. And finally, you should be prepared to at least recognize our knowledge of logos. Along the way, we’ve created something good that will pique your interest.

How many logos do you see every day?

Still unconvinced? Just take a look around you. It is estimated that an average person sees over 200 business logos or brands per hour. Sounds crazy?

You may start from branded coffee in the morning (even a no-name brand has its logo – that’s one of the big marketing ironies). You eat branded cereals, shower using branded shampoo and soap. On your way out you put on branded clothes, go to your branded car, pass by an endless array of branded shops, billboards, and even stickers on your way to work. You are likely to pass two PostNet trucks on the way to work (did you notice a hidden element in their logo?). If you have internet access available during your daily endeavors, your exponential exposure grows at the rate of 200 per hour. All you’ve got to do is check out our company logo gallery and you’ll find a large number of labels and brands there.

What does thw word ‘LOGO’ mean?

The word ‘logo’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘logotype’ or ‘logogram’, which is by definition a symbol that represents an expression, word, or idea, and which has meant a lot of different things over time. The swastika has become a universal symbol of absolute evil (despite the fact that it was originally used in Indian culture as a symbol of happiness).

A logo may represent a better expression of a human – the cross has come to represent Christianity (when we paint it red, it becomes the Red Cross logo), the crescent represents Islam (when it’s red it becomes the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross), and the star represents Judaism. So, logos can have a lot of different meanings, including secular ones, and thus the red octagon means stop, a small stick figure signifies a toilet (a stick figure in a skirt means a toilet for ladies), an arrow as a signpost means ‘this way’, etc.

Big boys can’t go wrong, or can they?

In our commercial endeavors, logos have been created for fast food chains (McDonald’s arches and other fast food logos), sports (Nike swoosh), non-alcoholic drinks (Coca-Cola, which even led us to the contemporary version of Santa Claus as an essential part of their branding strategy), comic book heroes were also given a logo (Bat, S and X), and so were sports teams (San Jose Sharks set a record in the first season of their logo merchandise – A logo, that’s cool!).

Rock legends are also having fun with their brand logos. Few people wouldn’t recognize the unique typography of the bands Kiss and Aerosmith. Even punk bands have them. Remember the logo for the band The Ramones? Even though they existed before your time, the logo of the Beatles adorned Ringo Starr’s drum kit way before they became one of the greatest bands in history. Star Wars, Jaws and 007 have their own logos, and so do Star Trek, Lethal Weapon, Shrek, and the entire The Godfather series. And let’s not mention here the flying logos of the movie companies that produce those films.

There is a reason why every minute on CNN and Fox News is accompanied by a simple icon in the corner of the screen. Books, cars, clothes, food, fun, religion, even sex (yes, sex – the Playboy bunny doesn’t represent an Easter egg, and the Penthouse logo doesn’t stand for a locksmith shop). Military branches have them, countries have them, and even space (if NASA has its way), and so will we have them, too. All Fortune 500 companies have their own logos. And when it comes to kitsch, is there anything better than a smiley in a logo? It’s no surprise that smileys are a very big business.

A nanosecond recognition

At the surface level, the advantages are simplified. A large logo on a well-designed letterhead or business card will stand out among a bunch of those that don’t have that qualities. A well-developed brochure or flyer design will stand out better than less successfully developed ones. You wanna be among 0.5% of the promotional material that is not utter trash? Sure you do, but it takes more than that.

At the first level, an “executed” logo design gives its customers a psychological “breathing space”. A well-designed logo (effectively accompanied by so-called “look and feel”) provides your business an air of professionalism and attention to detail. You may check out all the gears of your business, and take care of them in the process.

Conversely, if you pay little attention into the image of your business, what will actually happen behind the scenes? (At this point, some will argue that too much attention is paid to the needs of the customer, so one shouldn’t worry too much about the stupid logo anyway, but would anyone really buy your product with such an attitude on your part? We know that no one will.)

A professional logo design and corporate identity gives the impression that you care about your business and, in turn, about the things that your business produces. Get involved with pride in everything related to your company, beginning from the way it looks, which is obviously important in the eyes of your clients. It is a general picture of strength, quality, and professionalism, which starts the moment your business is exposed to your customers. Oftentimes that initial exposure occurs in a mere nanosecond (remember, 200 logos per hour). Don’t you wanna count?

In conversation

Each venture begins with the naming of the company. Once that’s don, it’s time for branding. Closely related to a truly effective “look and feel”, a good logo also has an instant “aha!” factor with people who already saw your ads, sites, and store fonts. Hours, days, even months ago. They weren’t ready to buy at the time, but now they are, and they go, “Hey, I remember this outfit!” It’s really that simple. Through all that, we religiously follow our sales game, which is also part of our corporate mantra.

Everything we send will have our logo on it. From faxes, through printed material, even checks (people do pay, so they may need our services sometime). Our website, offices, clothes, and even mouse pads – everything receives a once-over corporate style. Colors, typography, logos, and yes, even the use of fonts.  It is our sincere hope that once you see our material, you will know that it is us. We will do our best to assure you. Even if you leave this site right now, you will come across something of our own in the future, and we certainly hope that we deserve one “a-ha!” reaction. And you will give us another opportunity to show you what we do. Does corporate logo design work?

You’re reading this, right?