What is the cost of a logo design?
What is the cost of a logo design?

It seems like an easy question, whose should contain the cost only. The price of creating a logo is one of the most searched terms on Google, probably with the reason as all entrepreneurs, before they get into creating their business, first make a business plan, next define the budget (where one of the points is the logo as well). Because it seems to be so simple, it is not so easy to answer the question about the cost. We had the same situation when we got the question (we wrote about it in one of our previous blog posts) – How long does it take to create a logo? – the answer is so “simple” that it took us two posts to describe all the phases. Finally, at the very end of the second post, we wrote a long-awaited answer. The cost doesn’t mean anything without a thorough explanation, so this time we will provide an answer in a few hundred words. Whether you own a bakery, pastry shop, startup, or IT company, it is important to understand on many levels what and how much it means to have a well-designed logo. This is equally important for a company with two employees as for the ones with 2 000 or 20 000 employees. Of course, the more people see your logo, the more significant it becomes. We wrote many times about it (because we think it’s important) but we will repeat it one more time – logo is the first element the buyers see when they meet any brand for the first time. Logo increases brand awareness and becomes a recognizable element that attracts buyers and creates loyalty. Also, a logo creates an emotional bond with a brand. Now that we know the value of a logo for any brand, it is time to explain how do we form a cost for creating a logotype.

How do we shape a cost?
How do we shape a cost?

How do we shape a cost?

There are several points to consider when you shape a cost for creating a logo.

Before answering the question about the cost, you should explain the whole process to the client.


This relates to a decision on who will deal with creating a logo. If some of our designers are specialized for a certain niche, we will always choose this team player due to his/her knowledge of the industry.

Project urgency

If your client needs a ready logo in 48 hours, then this speed dictates a special price. The quality should be the same as if you worked on the logo for longer than 48 hours. But the real deadline for designers means, if the deadline is shorter, they have to work, think and create faster. If the deadline is more flexible, there is a space for enhancement, editing, adjusting.

Project specification

This is a big detail and it plays a significant role in shaping the cost. You need to discuss this part with the client, for example, how many revisions are included, next, you set the number of design solutions the client wants (whether it is three or four). Then, you should take into consideration the formats the client needs. These are just three short examples of how detailed our negotiations with the client are and what do we find important to get to the mutual acceptable conditions and cost.

The next segment of this text will focus on the way the agency pays for the provided services.

How do we form a cost?

How do we form a cost?

Price per hour

Many professional designers, as well as experienced consultants in the graphic design area, but ceratin agencies as well, charge for their work based on the upfront defined price per hour of work. Of course, we meet with different ways of charging, so it is also usual to establish a specific price with the client but to charge for additional work (price per hour system). It is important to let the client know about the additional hours – in advance – so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

What gets in one-hour consultation with the client? First of all, it’s a conversation that includes setting and defining goals related to a brand, asking many questions about the client’s vision about a logo, which colors are appropriate, etc. We wrote in detail about the creative processes and phases in one of our previous blogs.

Depending on how much the idea is developed, the client should think about how much this type of agreement is good for him/her. If the idea is present, and should just be placed in the program for creating logos and get a new look in the graphic sense of meaning – then of course it pays off working with a designer on this basis.

If a designer lacks the experience that a more detailed brief is needed and the process will last longer. But if a designer is well-experienced, then a less detailed brief is needed and it assumes more freedom in expressing the creativity. The overall process will last shorter and the result will be visible in less time spent.



Ordering a logo as part of a package may decrease its cost. It’s a good way to get more services at a special price. That includes delivering more elements important for the visual identity. If you are interested in creating a logo with us, contact us, and book a meeting.

Besides the extended package of services (creating a logo, visual identity, etc.) it is possible to come across packages that are not strictly directed to logo design. This way of providing services brings benefits to both parties. By agreeing on a special price for a package of services, you will get exactly what you need, adjusted to the needs of your company.

This is exactly the part we spoke about when we mentioned what goes into the overall cost – project specification, where we agree with the client on revisions, formats, and logo versions.

From a brief to logo

So, how much does it cost?

Of course, it is not so easy to provide the answer. It is complex and the only truth related to cost is that there is no standard cost and everything depends on the client’s needs and the brand. 

Though, to simplify things, we will split the whole process into several parts. In our previous blog posts we already wrote about phases in creating a logo, a now we will write about the hours needed for each phase.

  1. Researching – (3-4 hours)
  2. Brainstorming – (2 hours)
  3. Sketching and drawing – (4-6 hours)
  4. Presentation – (1-2 hours)
  5. Revisions – (2-3 hours)

In short, this process lasts a minimum of 12 hours – 17 hours, but in most cases, it takes 20 hours. 

Depending on the designer’s cost per hour – a logo could cost 300 euros (minimum), the average cost is 800 euros or a few thousand euros.