logo cedar house primer na papiru
logo cedar house primer na papiru

Logo variations – understanding logo variations and why is one logo not enough.

If you are in the phase of building your business, or perhaps you need to rebrand the entire visual identity of an existing company – the logo and its appearance will probably be on the priority list of tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible.

Especially at the beginning of starting your business, it may seem to you that the logo is not so important (although this is a big misconception), so you will try to create it yourself, for example, or with the help of one of the free programs on the Internet. The savings you make at that moment will cost you much more later.

You probably think a logo is something you should create once, put on a website, or print on a t-shirt and that’s it. This must not be the way you think, and we will explain why in this text.

As your business grows, during that process, you will realize that one logo is not enough for all platforms and ways of communication, which will open before you over time. Communication channels will only get more complicated, their number will grow, and with it the need to adapt the logo to each channel individually. It’s just the right moment for logo variations to come into play.

With a lot of strategic planning at the beginning, you can easily come up with a great logo for your company, but not only that but also other elements that will help you build a strong visual identity. This in no way means that you will have several logos, but that one will be adapted to each communication channel, with more or less detail, but with the priority that in every situation (no matter what channel) the logo remains recognizable to all potential customers.

uvelicani prikat+z slova B kod logotipa Butchers plate
primer logotipa butchers plate na specijalnoj vrsti papira

Why are logo variations important?

You will probably think at the beginning that more variations on the logo theme can only weaken the visual identity and not strengthen it. But what makes it strong and recognizable is the variety of variations of one logo.

If you use different variations of the logo on product packaging, on employee uniforms, or on promotional material, by changing the shape of the logo, its colors, and other elements – you can achieve the effect of the adaptability of the logo to every occasion, i.e. every background. In addition, perhaps the most important effect obtained as a result of using variations is a balanced logo that pleases the consumer’s eye.

Buyers probably won’t notice all the variations and every single detail that changes, precisely because it’s done so that the change looks natural and simply fits. It’s the right way to show them how your brand takes care of every detail, whether it’s placing the logo on social networks (where you need to adjust its size and put as simple a variation as possible) or placing it on a billboard (where the logo needs to be enlarged and it’s possible to display all its details).

prikaz razlicitih boja kod logotipa
varijante logotipa na majici i raznim materijalima

How to make logo variations work for you

Depending on the type of business your company does, you’ll be surprised at how many different places you can (and should) put your logo. For social networks, use the appropriate shape (square or circle, which fits the logo). The variation, which shows the logo in a rectangular shape, can be suitable for a ‘cover’ on social networks or for documents. Besides, if you decide on variations with different colors, it can be a good decision when the logo needs to be displayed in one way on social networks (colors) and another way when it comes to print (black and white or fewer colors).

As the business develops, you will see that an increasing number of channels and places will open up where you will want to put your logo and contribute to the branding of your business in that way. Whether online catalogs, newsletters, or posts on social networks (when it comes to online branding), various printed materials, also take into consideration balloons, aprons, balls, various gifts, etc. If you have a strong visual identity from the very beginning, it is very easy to develop it later in new directions and forms.

Even if you change the in-house designer and want to work with an agency, it will be an easy job for the designers from the agency, because they will already have all the variations ready to apply in different places, which will make the job much simpler. If you need a logo design, contact us and make an appointment with our team. And, if you are interested in the price of a logo, then read our previous post and find out what goes into the price of creating a logo.

List of logo variations for your business

Below is a list of variations you may potentially need (depending on the type of industry). If you work with professional designers, they will know exactly which variations should be made, so that the branding of your business is optimized at the highest level.

Basic logo

The basic logo is the face of your company and it would be good to have as many elements as possible (typography, graphic elements, colors, etc.) in order to use it to introduce new customers to the brand or to remind old customers of the look of your logo.

Alternative logo

It is not bad to have an alternative logo, i.e., a logo that will be similar to the basic one in the sense that it will represent its more subtle version. When you have one, it helps to keep the visual identity fresh and modern.

Alternativni logo

Nije loše imati i alternativni logo, odnosno logo koji će biti sličan osnovnom u smislu što će predstavljati njegovu suptilniju verziju. Kada ga imate, to pomaže da vizuelni identitet uvek bude svež i moderan.

primer crteza i objasnjenje znacenja logotipa Airbnb
primer crteza i objasnjenje znacenja logotipa Airbnb

Horizontal logo

As we have already mentioned, it is also necessary to make this version, aligning the logo horizontally, so that it can be used for example, for Facebook cover or printed material. Therefore, if you don’t have a rectangular version of the logo, it would be a good idea to make one too, so that you can easily use it when needed.

horizontalni logo Airbnb u jednoj boji
logo u jednoj boji Airbnb

Vertical logo

The logo variation, made vertically or squarely, is suitable for social networks (for example, profile photos) or on website headers and footers. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of using this variation for the needs of printed material.

primer vertikslnog logotipa u jednoj boji
logo vertikala beli na jednobojnoj pozadini Airbnb

An icon

An icon is one of the most important variations and can be used in many different ways in branding your business. There are many situations in which you want to use your logo for branding, but the space for it is limited. Icons can have a very interesting and fun design. Why not make one like this for a website, for example, or for a small part of the cake packaging, in which you pack your products like cakes, cookies, and sweets?

logo ikonica airbnb
logo konture airbnb

Monochrome logo

Colors are a great way to attract the attention of customers, but sometimes it is important that your logo is in only one corporate color, so that it can be seen well on a certain surface and stand out from other visual elements.

logo jednoj boji u horizontali airbnb
logo u jednoj boji po vertikali airbnb

Now that you know which logo variations can be made, we are sure your business will get the basic version of the logo but also several different ones in addition to it, in order to present what you do in the best possible way.

If you find this text useful, share it with your friends and colleagues.

logo negativ u horizontali airbnb
logo pozitiv airbnb
logo negativ airbnb

Sada kada znate koje varijante logoa je moguće napraviti, sigurni smo da će i vaš biznis dobiti osnovnu verziju logoa ali i još nekoliko različitih pored nje, kako biste na što bolji način predstavili ono čime se bavite.

Ako smatrate da vam je ovaj tekst bio koristan, podelite ga sa prijateljima i kolegama.