Packaging design plays an important role in the perception of a company and brand from consumers’ point of view. Companies, willing to invest money in attractive packaging design can hope to attract the attention of consumers. Finally, this approach leads to increased sales. 

Besides, appealing packaging design brings and increases the popularity of a brand itself, because it becomes recognizable on the market and consumers gladly buy its products thanks to practical, visually attractive, and popular packaging.

The functionality of packaging plays an important role because they demand a nice and practical package. Besides, practical packaging is important due to different reasons, like transport and storage.

This blog post will be dedicated to the significance of packaging design and its connection to selling and increasing the visibility of products. We will also write about Titan Design services, and how they can help you create a unique packaging design.

packaging design
packaging design

Attract consumers and leave a strong impression thanks to appealing packaging design

Regardless of the industry, the chances of your competition already having an attractive packaging design are high. How do you differ from others? What is your advantage?

Based on the studies, 44% of consumers come back to online shopping. A personalized approach brings additional encouragement, like stickers with names, or a handwritten personalized message. 

This is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition but also the best way to connect with the consumers. Packaging is the first connection consumers establish with the brand so it is important to leave a good first impression. After they try the product, the overall experience of consuming the product will be completed.

We often use the saying: Don’t judge the book based on its covers – but this is not completely true. Nowadays, to sell a book, it is not only the content that’s important but also the external look. The similar happens to all other products and exactly, for this reason, graphic design jumps in to help the product to stand out and trigger the interest of consumers. It is important to think about the packaging the same way as about branding because the purpose of the packaging is to present the product in the best possible way. 

Packaging creates and presents brand identity
Packaging creates and presents brand identity

Packaging creates and presents brand identity

Connection with brand identity and consumers happens on two levels:

  • By creating a clear picture about the company and products in a presentation to the new consumers
  • Reminding consumers on the brand and products on stock

Packaging is one of the basic ways for defining and spreading brand identity. A constant presence, established on the market for the purposes of promoting your company and its products, is exactly what makes your brand recognizable and remembered.

The questions to ask yourself are: if the logo is visible enough on the packaging if corporate colors and fonts are visible enough. If the answers are NO, then it’s time for a redesign.

Product packaging should contain all the most crucial info
Product packaging should contain all the most crucial info

Product packaging should contain all the most crucial info

There are different product packages and different packaging designs. Some elements are equally important for all products and they are inevitable. All products should have an informative character and provide info on the product, its content, etc.

Let’s go through the questions the customers are most interested in:

  1. Who created the product? Who is it created for?
  2. What is the purpose of the product? Are there any limitations? Do I need any additional knowledge to use this product?
  3. Where is the product made? Where can I find out more about the product production?
  4. When should I use the product? Is there an expiry date?
  5. Why do I need this product? How can it influence the quality of my lifestyle?
Packaging provides an additional value to the product
Packaging provides an additional value to the product

Packaging provides an additional value to the product

So far, in this blog post, we covered the benefits of packaging design related to marketing. But, product packaging should have a practical and functional value component besides an appealing look. Sometimes it may have an equal value for the consumer, just like the product.

Packaging should meet all these high criteria:

  • Protection – products should be packed well because they might be fragile and prone to breaking. That’s why the packaging is important, t protect the product until the consumer wishes to open it.
  • Storage – before you sell the product, it stays in storage for a while. It matters if the product is packed well so you can store it well too.
  • Transport – from point A t point B, if you don’t want anything to break your product and the way it is closed. Take care of the materials the packaging is made of.

Now we know why design and product packaging are important. Let’s see how we can advance it. 

Details matter!
Details matter!

Details matter!

Pay attention to details because they make the difference. For example, if you add the info on whether the product has been approved by any health institution, your consumers will surely appreciate your attention to detail. Also, info on the material the packaging has been made (for example recycled material) is extremely important to a wide range of consumers.

In short, it is significant to draw attention to your company and products on the market. For this reason, minimalism has its followers, based on the trends for 2020.  Just like a gold print with luxury brands.

Think about the products and their appearance on the shelves

Priorities to think about are – the place to sell your products, fonts (they should be large enough so the consumers can spot them properly, even from the distance.

Serif fonts look better on a printed surface while Sans Serif fonts look informal. 

It is important to pay attention to colors too and make sure they complement each other or if you want a contrast, combine two contrasting colors and check how they look together.

For example, you can combine an orange background with blue letters, or you can create a nice combination of red and green.

Invest in your professional work

Professional graphic designers know their job very well and they can suggest you design that will position well your products on the market.

Never satisfy yourself with a middle solution and always strive to get only the best for your brand. Thanks to proper packaging your consumers will like your brand but also wish to get back to you again.

Book a meeting with the team of our designers and ask their opinion related to the packaging design. 

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