Trendjacking: A guide to creating a quality viral content
Trendjacking: A guide to creating a quality viral content

Trendjacking or newsjacking, as it is also called, is a great opportunity to create potentially viral content based on a current topic. Of course, the topic must be close to your brand values, so that the target group feels connected to it. And then there will be shares, comments, approvals, and finally, increasing leads and generating more sales.

As the name itself tells us, it is about the fact that our content should “steal” a part of the attention that some trend or news receives in the public. The goal of using this strategic approach in creating content is to raise general awareness of the brand, as well as to make it more visible in the digital world. Trendjacking can be presented via a short digital form such as a visual, video, TikTok video, or tweet.

The key, however, lies not in what the content looks like or what it contains (although that is also important) but in the speed of distribution. News changes quickly and you should be as quick as possible when you spot a trend. Instantly come up with an idea so you can become part of the trend, create content, research hashtags, and market content on social networks.

What are the advantages of using this strategy?
What are the advantages of using this strategy?

What are the advantages of using this strategy?

There are many advantages, but one of the main ones is increasing the brand visibility, as well as aligning the brand with those values ​​that have proven to be true and current at a certain moment. If done right, this strategy can bring increased organic reach on social media, solid credibility among target audience members, and potential media attention.

And whose attention will you attract with this strategy? Think carefully! Marketing research shows that as many as 85% of Generation Z members find new products, which they later buy, precisely on social networks. That’s why trendjacking is a great tool for attracting the attention of Zoomers because it brings authenticity, creativity, and humor, which they love. And which network do zoomers visit the most? TikTok for sure, so read our blog on the 3 most important things you need to know about TikTok in 2022.

With the help of trendjacking, customers will create a perception of the brand as authentic and close to them. A brand that supports a cause important to its target group becomes even dearer to customers because they can easily identify with it. And this is exactly what makes conversions grow, more and more people come to the site and if you wait for them with the right actions, you can expect a gradual sales increase.

In addition, this is a great way to quickly attract attention, because you will not have to spend hours and hours coming up with content, but you will get the attention of customers in this quick and unique way. Still, it’s important to have a flair for what situation to use to your advantage, and that’s why this is a rare talent that all brand experts appreciate.

How to make trendjacking work for your brand
How to make trendjacking work for your brand

How to make trendjacking work for your bran

When you follow trends and become a part of them, you fall into the focus of more people than you might otherwise. That’s why hooking on trends is a great way to attract eyes and create buzz around your brand. However, trendjacking can be a slippery ground for most, as they are unfamiliar with using this strategy, so it would be a good idea to read our tips before opting for this method.

1.Follow the latest trends on social media and broader

Since you need to jump on the train as soon as possible, it is important to spot the trend right away. So we are not talking about days or weeks, but literally hours. That’s why it’s important to use some of the available trendtracking tools like Google Trends. Also, social media has its own trending lists, so pay attention to Twitter’s and YT’s.

2.Understand the trend before you try to become its integral part

If you don’t know where a trend or hashtag comes from and how it started in the first place, maybe you shouldn’t try to become a part of it every now and then. It is very important to understand the trend and see your brand values in it. Otherwise, the audience might think you’re desperate and would do anything for a little attention. Also, make sure you tune in at just the right time. Not too early and not too late, but just when you need it so that your audience can react in the best way

3.Be original and give your own stamp to the trend

If you’re just repeating what others are doing, it’s like repeating a joke that’s already been told many times. Give your interpretation of the trend, throw in a joke, be decisive and bold when it comes to humor. However, it is the most important spice of any trendjacking, so it is important that you have a great sense of humor. Be original and interesting, that’s all ;)

4.Don’t put the main focus on sales

This strategy is not about sales, so don’t mention your product or service. Ok, you can drop a hint, but don’t make it too obvious. It would be best to stick to the trend and communicate with the audience because they will easily see if you are trying to sell them something. You need to be authentic, yourself, and if you are not, then you lose the potential benefits that you can get in this way.

5.Think beyond awareness

A good reach does not have to be the only result of such a campaign. If you already manage to attract the attention of new potential customers, then you should make an effort to keep it, but also to turn the interest into a conversion. Try to make the most of the trend. In addition to social media posts, write a blog about how you successfully implemented the campaign. Then incorporate the SEO strategy into the post trend, i.e., link your keywords and the trend. Be sure to add links to the landing pages you want to promote in your social media bio.

Is it worth trendjacking?

We unanimously say YES. When executed properly, trendjacking can be a great strategy that delivers results. And you can have the desired results, such as increasing brand visibility and generating more leads, if you choose to trust the experts in a creative full-service marketing agency, which follows trends and is not afraid to use them for the client’s popularity. In addition to specific knowledge about trends, the experts at our agency also know the most important thing when it comes to trendjacking, which is when and if you should jump into a trend. So contact us and let’s create posts together that will REALLY grab attention.