We are on a constant lookout for a large number of different packaging solutions. We look for them everywhere, especially on shop shelves.

Creating an attractive and modern packaging design today poses a real challenge, especially considering the new trends, when the new industry offers us biodegradable packaging solutions.

A package with a minimalist design can show more elegance and sophistication, cleanliness and simplicity. Such sophisticated design helps one experience the sheer quality of the ingredients inside the packaging. In that way, the packaging design adds to the taste of the product.

Most importantly, a less complicated design can be more effective in communicating with the consumer, making the process of buying a product faster and easier. Overcrowding in design is distracting to consumers, while visually clean and elegant design can attract positive consumer feedback.

Types of packaging.

We divide the packaging according to the following criteria.

1) According to the basic functions into:

  • Transport packaging
  • Commercial packaging

2) According to the way and duration of use, or durability, there exist:

  • Non-returnable packaging
  • Returnable packaging

3) According to the material of which it is made, it can be made of: paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, wood, textile, or combined materials.

4) According to form, we distinguish between: boxes, bags, tubes, sacks, barrels, dishes, wrappers, foils, etc.