Why is Gen Z so important? Why is everyone talking about zoomers in the context of marketing trends? It is clear – because they encourage innovation in marketing and change the world of shopping. This is the reason why everything is subordinated to them and we, marketers, have to be up to the task when we create campaigns aimed at this target group.

Today, it is more important than ever to use new, fresh techniques, especially when targeting young people. In order to achieve this, we literally have to listen to the masses. Gen Z is currently the largest generation in the world and the first to adopt new trends and innovative ideas. We can certainly say that in recent years, one rule has been valid – where Gen Z leads, the rest follow.

Zoomers are not fans of classic marketing techniques, they are looking for innovations, so the more the better. And how do marketers manage it? In the upcoming year, new challenges await us in digital marketing, led by trends that will be the main topic of this blog. Some of these trends will delight the young generation, and do you know which one? Below we bring you a forecast of popular trends for 2023.

1.Influencer marketing as part of the sales funnel

Most marketing teams and our clients have seen why influencer marketing is good for their business. 76% of Zoomers follow influencers on social networks and they are the key to the success of many brands, which are presented in this way to a young audience.

In 2022, campaigns with influencers mostly had a brand awareness character. But if you think that content creators can only offer this – then you are wrong. They can do more, they just need to be given a chance.

In the next year, we predict that influencers will be offered to be included in other parts of the sales funnel. In-depth interactions with fans, through specifically targeted campaigns and well-designed video marketing strategies, will bring great results to those who have the courage to try the innovation.

2.Short content for long consumption

Everyone around you is telling you how zoomers can’t hold focus for long. There is a famous fact about the 8 seconds, which is exactly how long we have to get their attention. But what about the fact that they spend hours on the phone watching various content? Yes, it’s confusing when these two pieces of information are displayed together.

The explanation follows – you have exactly 8 seconds to get the attention of a buzzer, but if you do it right, then they will give you more time. That’s the key to communicating with zoomers. That’s why short videos are popular among young people. 39% of brands reported that YouTube Shorts, TikTok and Reels videos are the highest ROI generators. And it will remain so in 2023.

However, what will tend to grow in the coming year are other types of media, which will attract the attention of zoomers. We can already see this in the example of Twitch, where live stream programs of influencers last between 3 and 6 hours. More than 60% of users of this platform are zoomers, which proves that they can follow longer content, only if they want to, that is, if a brand or influencer catches their attention.

3.Community marketing is the key

So we make short videos to grab the attention of the zoomers. But where are we taking them with those videos? The answer is in well-designed communities of like-minded people and lovers of the same things and values. Statistics show that zoomers love communities because they feel safe in them. They especially like to be active and socialize and engage in online groups.

It is logical that you will ask yourself: why should I form a group or community around my brand? First of all, because that way you get free UGC (User-Generated Content), which brings many positive points for this generation. When they see an ad with this type of content, they are four times more likely to click on it than on classic ads.

Also, in groups, users connect and answer each other’s product-related questions. This means you can forget about chatbots, because your users will do a good part of the work for you. They will provide information from their experience and if they are satisfied, they will praise your product better than any advertisement could.

If you are wondering which platform can serve this purpose, we see Discord, Telegram, but also FB groups created by brands to communicate with young people. Of course, the most popular is TikTok and the comment section under each video, where serious communities of like-minded people gather and comment on the content. The comments are a great opportunity for the brand to insert itself into the story and start connecting with customers.