Plavi Džemper sa crven-belim šarama
Plavi Džemper sa crven-belim šarama

New Year and Christmas are just about to arrive, and we have a lot of work to do in our agency, as usual at this time of the year. Still, we took some time to share a few last-minute ideas for social media posts. The year was quite unpredictable, nothing we could hope for, rules were changing fast, and all that affects marketing strategies. While some parts of the world are still in lockdown, some have a much better situation, it is very hard to follow it all, and yet for us, the marketers, it is necessary to follow the global situation, because we have to adjust our campaigns and posts to the current situation. Social media is a good channel for sharing positive emotions, gathering community, and spreading the holiday spirit. The question is how does your company adjust to “new normality” and how do you change your strategy accordingly.

Deda Mraz piše po beloj tabli
Deda Mraz piše po beloj tabli

Holiday strategy on social media

Holidays are busy times for many industries, there are many meetings to attend, sales, special promotions, and reaching goals. Usually, strategies are planned months in advance, but this year changed everything so plans were created for much shorter timeframes, creativity and inventiveness are appreciated like never before, as well as resourcefulness and adaption.

While someone went through hard times this year, others flourished. Especially e-commerce businesses, due to an enormous increase in online shopping. All events related to holidays switched to online mode, and it seems many people adopted that type of content.

We believe most holiday shopping will be done online, so the social media strategy should start mentioning this type of shopping. Special holiday promotions, limited editions, or packaging – for all these, social media are the best place to promote the content to the buyers.

Social media strategies should fit in the holiday goals you set, but also it should look logical to the buyers due to previously done campaigns, and it should follow the previous brand strategy.

The best way to achieve that is to follow the digital marketing trends for the next year, social media trends.

It is important to clearly define and create all holiday campaigns. Relevant hashtags, clear messages, and a well-thought content calendar will help too. Besides, you should follow the parameters that indicate the change in reactions and behaviors of the buyers on the content. If a post gets fewer impressions than you hoped for – change the copy, try a few different versions and experiment all the time.

3 ideas for holiday posts on social media

Kafa za poneti u ruci, sa pogledom na jezero
Kafa za poneti u ruci, sa pogledom na jezero

1. Let your followers and buyers be the stars of your posts

The essence of holidays is the feeling of close connections and sharing. We all want to spend our holidays with our family and friends, unfortunately, this year it probably won’t be possible. It doesn’t mean the brands will not promote the idea of staying together and connected.

The best way to achieve that is one old, evergreen idea – user-generated content. Old idea but providing the goal – to make the followers feel connected with the brand, build the relationship based on trust and loyalty, and generate a big number of interactions.

If you encourage your followers to create content related to holiday topics, you will get high-quality content that could be used for social media posts. 

Starbucks does it brilliantly every year. They organize the competition where their followers are supposed to show their creativity, and the main role of the photo competition goes to their red holiday glass.

Designed quotes
Designed quotes

2. Pinning is still an evergreen!

Buyers are investigating and revealing products on different platforms and channels before they make the final step and buy a product. This is especially the case with expensive products. This implies your strategy should be directed to a larger number of channels, to cover more target groups.

Pinterest is one of the platforms everyone forgets about in spite of the fact that 47% of users are there to shop or search the content in order to discover new products. 83% of Pinterest users claim that once they spot something interesting on that platform, they instantly search for that product on the brand’s site, and make a purchase.  

Everyone selling holiday presents should use Pinterest, not for a paid promotion than certainly for creating boards that will bring inspiring content for buying unique holiday presents. This is an organic way of promoting the content, it is free but could bring new buyers to your site or other social media channels.

Devojke koje gledaju foto albume
Devojke koje gledaju foto albume

3. Promote the art of giving presents during holidays

Many people went through hard times due to pandemics. The art of giving means helping people in need to spend their holidays as well as possible.

Many social media posts are inviting people to gather and help others. It is a great way for brands promotion where brands can show the values they support and stay remembered for. Start your campaign with a unique hashtag, and encourage your followers to share your post with their friends, as each share is worthy of a certain amount of money. If a campaign can provide a certain amount itself, and donate to charity, or double the amount gathered by the followers, then a lot of humanity and positive vibes will flow on social media and holiday spirit will prevail.

Domestic company Extreme Intimo is a great example. They organized the campaign #stvarnozelim (I really wish for it). This campaign gathered a lot of money for maternity hospitals throughout Serbia.

Titan wishes you happy holidays and successful holiday campaigns

We are quite sure you’ve already prepared many interesting posts for the last pre-holiday actions, but if you run out of ideas and inspiration, we hope this post will help you.

If you think someone you know will find this post valuable, feel free to share it. We would also recommend reading all other posts on our blog page, especially the last ones about trends in 2021. in areas, Titan is actively working in graphic and packaging design, and other topics like tips for content writing.