Praznični advertajzing- kako ga treba i kako ne treba raditi
Praznični advertajzing- kako ga treba i kako ne treba raditi

You might be thinking it’s not yet time for holiday euphoria. But if you are, just like us, part of the marketing industry, or you’re preparing holiday campaigns for your own brand, then you’re certainly aware of the fact it’s not too early for holidays. Holiday advertising should be strategically prepared, in time, and even more important is to start with advertising gradually and only then increase the number of ads as the holidays are approaching.

There might be different opinions. Since we’re dealing with marketing, we have only one message for small businesses owners – planning is key to everything and nothing should be postponed till the very last moment. Though we know most consumers have a dual relationship to holiday ads, at the same time, they like them and don’t like them, we know, even when they’re searching for the perfect present – the ad comes very handily.

Just like in 2020., New Year campaigns and shopping presents will be mostly done online. At the very beginning of this year, we wrote about popular trends in e-shopping, and it turned out one of them recorded the biggest increase – mobile commerce. That’s why the most important job for brands and all of us standing behind them is to constantly be present on online channels and in front of the eyes of potential consumers.

We’ve decided to share two great ideas for applying on advertising and two things you shouldn’t do when it comes to holiday advertising.

Two ideas for creating holiday advertising
Two ideas for creating holiday advertising

Two ideas for creating holiday advertising

1. Retargeted campaigns

Shopping before holidays usually has this scenario. A consumer knows what to buy but is still indecisive about the concrete brand. Next, follows the researching several offers on several sites. While searching, potential buyers mostly forget what they saw since they visit dozens of different sites. One of the forgotten ones might be your site too.

For this reason, retargeted campaigns must become a part of your holiday marketing strategy. Thanks to personalized ads, directed to potential buyers who have recently interacted with your brand, you will let them know again that your offer is the best choice for them. Retargeted campaigns enable you to create special ads for each of your target audiences.

Depending on the part of a funnel your buyers left the process, you can offer good arguments for getting back together with info on products from the blog, or if the buyers left the funnel later, they might need other opinions on who bought the product, so it is crucial to redirect them to positive experiences of other buyers. You can only do it with a proper ad.


2. Micro-influencers

Though new and small brands think they will grow faster if they start cooperating with popular influencers – this is not always the best option. It is widely known that popular influencers have big numbers but buyers mostly give their trust to micro-influencers. The studies show the engagement rate for popular influencers (for the ones that have more than a million followers) is hardly above 1%, while profiles with 1 000 – 5 000 followers have a 4,5 % engagement rate.

If a brand is searching for someone who will make its campaign different, and help them achieve great results without unnecessary high investments, cooperation with small profiles is a good choice. Besides, if your brand is dealing with sustainable fashion, then influencers working with big fast fashion brands are not a good choice because reputation is the most important point for small brands.

You can show how to build a strong and consistent brand in a holiday campaign. Try to discover the matches in values with influencers, celebrate diversity, and support authenticity, give them the freedom to create posts and expect to be recognized. Above all, you should be concerned about the trust of your consumers, as it is difficult to earn it and easy to lose it. So choose your brand ambassadors carefully.

wo things you shouldn’t be doing in your holiday advertising
wo things you shouldn’t be doing in your holiday advertising

 Two things you shouldn’t be doing in your holiday advertising

1. Don’t wait for the middle of December to start your holiday advertising

It is never too early to buy a proper present but sometimes it might be too late as they get sold fast. Think about this when you start planning your holiday campaign because it might help you to communicate an important message to your consumers. Namely, it is the best option for both sides to get the present early, so you don’t wait for delivery for too long.

The very end of November and the beginning of December is a great period to start with communicating this sentence and raising awareness on this topic. By pulling this awareness campaign, you’re starting with warming up before holidays and placing yourself in the focus of the buyers ready for early shopping.

At the same time, the impression of buyers about shopping any brand is improving this way because they don’t have to worry about the delivery time if the chosen present is in stock and all other difficulties that may happen to your buyers when they decide to buy the presents at the last minute.

Ne komunicirajte istu poruku svim kupcima
Don’t communicate the same message to all potential consumers

2. Don’t communicate the same message to all potential consumers

Personalization is of crucial importance. The trend of personalizing packaging design is an excellent example.

Let’s see how personalization can be done in holiday advertising.

Consumers got used to personalization whether when you send them emails and address them by personal names or when you send them handwritten messages with each product they buy. In the digital era, the consumers expect more – personalization of content and best offers – tailored to their needs and interests based on previous orders.

Providing special discount codes in social media posts, as time-limited offers, communication via newsletters where you also offer discounts only for those who follow this communication channel on a regular basis – could be one of the ways. Besides, ads directing to special holiday blogs, guides, etc., communicate with one of your target groups.

Finally, potential consumers only want to get info and advice that will help them bring the right decision and order the right product. When you offer them a personalized brand experience, that is matching their current needs, they will surely look at your brand with trust and respect.

 We’re looking forward to holiday campaigns and creative content

This is the second year of slightly unpredictable circumstances when people expect more from the digital. Colleagues working on creating holidays posts and content are under pressure as demands are high. Additionally, holiday advertising brings its challenges and offers us an opportunity to learn, grow, and give our best to create great campaigns that will find a way to potential consumers.

If you are a small business owner, and you think our suggestions and ideas seem to be complicated because you don’t have enough time to deal with marketing, production, and distribution of products – then it’s the right time to let one part of that burden to us, and let us cope with holiday advertising. Contact us, and book a meeting with the Titan Design team.