Importance of graphic design for digital marketing
Importance of graphic design for digital marketing

Digital marketing has become an integral part of business tactics within any company striving to develop and keep on the very top. It seems the attention of potential buyers has been constantly decreasing, and that they have less patience for advertising and commercials. Based on the fact we follow marketing content on traditional media but also on social media and other platforms, no wonder our attention and focus decreased. Luckily, the solution to the problem is in graphic design.

If 61% of marketers consider graphic design as an inevitable part id any marketing strategy, there’s no doubt it’s the right formula for digital strategies as well. Everything you can present to your target audience via various graphic elements, or in combination with striking typography, should be presented that way because the results of visibility and acceptance of such content will be more impactful than in cases of simple photography or plain text.

Graphic design is the most powerful form of art, able to bring freshness and innovation to digital marketing and bring it to a completely new level. It’s also the key component for building a brand and its recognition within the target audience, but also a key element that could impact the buyers to bring the decision regarding the purchase.

Let’s check the connection between graphic design and digital marketing.

graphic design
graphic design

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a fusion of artistic and professional disciplines helping in creating marketing strategies and passing specific messages or information to the target audience via different types of visuals, videos, etc.

In other words, graphic design is known as the “visual communicationdisplayed through various symbols, colors, typography, and other elements, that make one visual interesting. It can be used in different niches, but the most known and natural use is related to marketing.

If our goal is to present complicated information to something understandable and memorable – graphic design is the best way to do it. Of course, it’s all connected to the way our brain works and receives information because it will process visual information 60 000 times faster than it does with any text. Hence the main reason our companies use graphic design services in presenting their brand and business results.

Graphic elements in marketing campaign
Graphic elements in marketing campaign

Graphic elements in marketing campaign

Though commercials, mostly focused on text, still get great results, the fact is the target groups better accept the ones that balance text and graphic elements. It happens because behind each graphic element, color, or letter used, there’s deep psychologic thinking. All of them symbolize specific emotions or feeling each potential buyer should feel.

The way the elements fit could make the marketing campaign successful or a complete disaster. For example, the use of colors could provoke the whole spectrum of emotions within the target audience. Let’s mention some of them again:

  • Red  – strength, power, passion, danger.
  • Orange – happiness, enthusiasm, encouragement.
  • Blue – authenticity, warmth, communication, openness.
  • Yellow – intelligence, energy, cheerfulness.
  • Green – freshness, harmony, abundance.
  • Pink – feminine and gentle.
  • Purple – luxury, wealth, extravagance.
  • White – goodness and purity
  • Black – elegance, formality, mystery.
Build your own, unique identity
describing the importance of graphic design

A few more reasons describing the importance of graphic design for digital marketing

Whether you have a conversation with branding or marketing experts on social media, both will say the same – graphic designers and digital marketers are working together on creating a unique online sales strategy for a certain product.

Someone said: It is easy to spot a good design but not so easy to spot an excellent design. Why is that so? Simply said, an excellent design follows a brand story, and naturally fits it, without any need to stand out.

As a company owner, you want to present your product in the best possible way on the market, and draw the attention of potential customers. Also, you want to be proud of it. Logically, your visuals should follow the same path.

We will use the following analogy, in order to explain this point of view. Would you show up at a company’s New Eve celebration in a tracksuit? Of course, you wouldn’t. You would surely dress up so everyone admires you. In other words, the visuals made by graphic design are the best clothes you keep for special occasions only.

So choose the best visuals for the most important purposes only (when it comes to social media campaigns, website visuals, or banners on the portals).

Build your own, unique identity
Build your own, unique identity

1. Build your own, unique identity

When you decide to hire an agency and closely work with it on building a unique visual identity, you can establish your rules, distinctive tone and style, to differ from the competition. As a result, you can expect your buyers will remember you better and won’t mix with others from your niche.

2. Graphic design can share the message better than words

People say – A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s so true indeed. Graphic design is important for everyone who wants to leave a good and lasting impression.

When it comes to brand messages, it’s the visuals that first attract the attention of potential buyers, and then the text. Only united those two make a coherent whole and share a powerful message.

3. Increasing sales

Most people are visual types and like to see nicely designed products. A quality packaging design can share a message to potential buyers that the products inside the packaging are equally of high quality. A great logo or brochure can leave such an impression.

4. Sharing the brand message

Graphic designers play an important role in sharing a brand message, products, or services in a very unique way. An experienced graphic designer can brainstorm and create various forms to represent the brand, such as reports, graphs, infographics, or illustrations.

5. Personalization

We have spoken about personalization before. It’s an important topic as it brings so many benefits so we cannot skip it. Let’s take stock photos as an example because many graphic designers use them. There’s a huge difference between the designers that use these stock photos only as a background and the ones who sort the elements on the photos so the visual gets a completely brand new look. Personalization of the visual makes that huge difference.

This way, the consumers realize the brand invests in design, takes care of all details. In other words, the personalized content communicates with potential buyers on an advanced level the way it connects the buyers with the brand.

TITAN: Graphic design is our specialty
TITAN: Graphic design is our specialty

TITAN: Graphic design is our specialty

Nowadays, visual content is extremely important. Just turn around and you will see billboards, phones, tablets, computers, laptops – all of them loaded with ads, communicating with you more in a visual way than by words. If you think you need more reasons to add graphic design to your digital strategy, call us and we will do our best to convince you.

Our next post will be dedicated to real examples of graphic design in digital marketing. If you find this post interesting, please share it with your friends and colleagues.