Do you keep wondering how to choose a unique name for your brand? This phase of creating the identity of your brand might seem too complicated, important, even scary. All these feelings are expected because you are creating something that should last. You are probably dealing with it for the first time if you’re starting a startup or a small business. To help you cope with these challenges, we have decided to share a few valuable pieces of advice with you about creating a unique brand name. 

As we previously mention creating a unique brand identity, including the brand name, we are sure you would want to find out more about the 5 key elements for building a brand identity. We don’t want to give priority to any of them, as all of them are equally important for the success of your brand on the market, but we will still emphasize that many things depend on a name and its creativity.

If you have already considered a few names or you still don’t know even where to start, you can find answers to the most vital questions in this post, such as: how to choose the name for my business if I don’t know where to start, when and why to name my business after my personal name, how to make sure from the very start that’s the right name for my business. Let’s start with answers.

unique name to my business pitanjaa
unique name to my businesspitanja

Should I give a unique name to my business or name it after myself?

In the last few years, building a personal brand has become popular. Many business owners name their companies after their personal names. One of the best examples are foreign languages teachers, we can search for on Instagram, working hard on developing their brand on a daily basis, which they continue with when they start their own business and name it after themselves.

They put themselves in focus, so they get recognized from social networks and get the confirmation and a way to monetize themselves in a business market. It proves to be an excellent way for connecting with the target audience and creating an authentic customer approach. You can read about it in our post How essential it is to clearly define your target audience. 

On the other hand, there are fashion bloggers known by a specific Instagram name. So when they create a brand they use that name as it marks their personality and people recognize them.

There are no right or wrong name choices, though there are advantages of both approaches. And the explanation follows below.

Personal name used as a brand name
Personal name used as a brand name

Personal name used as a brand name

  • Strengthens a personal brand,
  • Your brand is YOU,
  • Authentic and easy for connecting  with customers,
  • Perfect choice for solo players,
  • A great choice for consultants in various niches.
Unique brand name
Unique brand name

Unique brand name

  • Usually used by bloggers but also anyone who doesn’t want to put the focus on themselves,
  • Product/Service is a brand for itself,
  • It doesn’t allow a personal approach to customers,
  • Easier to sell on the market,
  • Easier to let the team run the brand than in the case of a business with a personal name.
right name for your business
right name for your business

How can you know from the very start if you have chosen the right name for your business?

Previously, we have mentioned the significance of research before you make the final decision about the brand name. Once you make that decision, you should really be sure of your choice, because if you deal with rebranding later, it is not impossible but it is hard for the customers to remember all the changes – logo, name, visual identity.

For this reason, you should also pay attention to the following: which rules determined by law should be respected, because some names might be protected, and it is good to know some phrases are not allowed to be used. Our advice is to check all the rules before naming your brand.

Besides, it is important to research and make sure if the name or phrases you’ve used are popular in Google searches. We guess you will think that’s great because everyone is interested in that word, but take some time and think twice. If the interest in the chosen word or phrase is high, it means the competition is strong and it will be hard to rank well on Google.

It is much better to choose something authentic. You must be wondering why?

The worst thing to happen is someone looks for you on Google and cannot find you, but the search offers the nearest alternative to the chosen term, and then instead of you, people get your competition as a result. That’s why you should choose something else, authentic.

The last thing you should check before a final decision is domain name availability. There are numerous sites on the Internet offering a search of available domain names, but there are also sites that could produce several options for you. Anyway, it is important to check if the generic name fits all criteria we’ve already listed.

making a decision about your brand name
making a decision about your brand name

When you are making a decision about your brand name, try to be original, don’t be a copycat

The story about authenticity is not just another insignificant phrase everyone is using. In this post, we pointed out the importance of selecting a unique name without copying others. This way, you will easily find the way to your customers, if they are able to remember your brand name, and competition will stay somewhere far away in a sea of generic and boring names. If you still think you won’t be able to cope with this yourself, contact us and we will do this creative work for you. Before you contact us, please read the following texts 5 benefits of cooperating with a full-service marketing agency and Is there a way for the agencies and clients to speak the same language?