Čovek koji sedi na razglasu

In the past few months, we have written many blog posts on content writing, with the goal to share our experience with you, gathered by hundreds and hundreds of words written for our clients on a daily basis. While reading about writing tips on the internet, it might have happened you ran into a term you didn’t understand completely or you needed an additional explanation. This text will provide all the key terms, abbreviations, and explanations that will ease the process of writing optimized internet content. 

A/B testing

The methodological approach has an aim to increase the number of conversions on the website. To conduct such testing, first, you should create landing pages A and B. Next, send 50% of traffic to one and 50% to another landing page and compare the reaction of website visitors. When you get the final results, you will know which copy works and appears more appealing to your target audience. This will help you in adjusting the rest of your content.

Above the Fold

It is part of the webpage we first see when we open it without scrolling. Why is this so important? Because of the quantity of text that should fit and be included in content planning as a priority.


Backlinks are directed from one webpage to another one. Usually, they could be seen at the very bottom of the text or a blog post. Google considers them as important for ranking web pages because it turned out that pages with large numbers of backlinks are ranked well and have a great organic reach.


Blogging is publishing content on the internet in a specific form, known as a blog. It is a special web page where you publish texts on specific topics or sets of topics. The blog appeared in the late 90s, and it has a form of a diary. Later, blogs became more attractive and became a dominant publishing form on the internet. In the mid-2000s, brands and marketing experts recognized the value of blogs and started advertising their products on famous blog sites. At the same time, apart from personal blogs, corporative blogs started developing, which has become regular work for content writers in the past 10 years.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the number of site visitors that navigate the site but leave (bounce) them fast without visiting other site pages or reading any content. Why is this parameter relevant? Because it signals problems with the content, in other words, website visitor just entered and left the site because he/she didn’t find what he/she was looking for. Reasons could be different such as the wrong usage of keywords, aggressive ads, or many other reasons.

Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona is a photo robot of an ideal buyer. A perfect profile of an ideal buyer, that even has an imaginary name, years, education, location, marital status, belongs to a certain social group, has specific interests, hobbies, etc. Anything we could imagine as interests of a person should be included into the profile of an ideal buyer and this way create a person we can address in specially created texts.

Čovek koji sedi na razglasu
Čovek koji sedi na razglasu

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a process of creating and distributing free content, with a goal to attract potential buyers so eventually they become real and recurring buyers. Type of the content the client is sharing on the internet prepared by the agencies directly depends on the product. In short, the content could be shaped in different forms (blogs, videos, social media posts) but the basic point must be the same for any kind of content. For example, content must be either educational or fun. The value the consumer gets via free content will make him/her understand the product better and invite him/her to make a purchase.


This is an essential element of online marketing and represents a sales skill and offering products via skillfully shaped texts. The direct goal of course is sales, while with content writing the goal is a bit different  – providing information on the products, their advantages, and giving the free value. Copy – is any kind of textual content. Its purpose is to draw the attention of potential buyers and persuade them to buy the products; by writing slogans, brief sales texts on socials (descriptions below visuals), etc. A copywriter creates a bond between a brand and potential buyers.

Ruke koje na tabli slažu notifikacije
Ruke koje na tabli slažu notifikacije

Editorial Calendar

Simply put – a calendar of posting is part of blog post strategic planning. Content writers use different ways to plan future texts, a simple Google sheet, various apps like Airtable. All these tools have simple and intuitive elements supporting the writers in planning the order of texts, listing the keywords to be used, images, etc. Different types of content can be organized in editorial calendars – blogs, social media posts, podcast announcements, email newsletters, e-books. 


Infographics are types of digital posters, containing facts interesting graphic elements, photos, and fonts. There are many types of infographics, and the content writer is in charge of writing all texts. Infographics are a combination of texts and visual elements, to cover a specific topic, present numbers in a clear way, they are often used in various fields and niches to display certain information. Based on the studies, infographics bring 12% more website traffic than blogs. If facts are briefly presented, then those who don’t have enough time for reading will skip the text and pay attention to the infographic only.


A keyword is a term used to identify the content on the page and presents words or phrases users browse for. That could be one word (vet) or a group of words (vet Belgrade). Keywords could be usually found in titles, subtitles, descriptions of the images, and in the text. They are significant as people use them to search on browsers in order to search and find relevant content. Without them, we cannot create optimized content in browsers, and soon the SEO will be important for Instagram posts.

Keyword Density

Very important parameter showing how many times certain keywords or phrases have been repeated within one text. If a text has 100 words, 5 keywords, then the key density is 5%. This parameter can be tracked by various SEO WordPress extensions. Though it is not quite defined it is assumed between 5 and 7% of keywords used in a text bring a good result.

Link Building

Links could be described as online bridges allowing browsers to dig the content and discover exactly what someone has been searching for. Links are also an online currency of the writers and content creators. More quality links get redirected to content on a specific page, the better ranking that page will get. Link building is at the same time one of the most important tasks for SEO content writers.

Native Advertising

We could translate it as organic advertising (though in fact, it is not) as it presents a paid content, which based on the tone, language and style looks like media publishing. It follows both editorial and readers’ standards. All those articles on famous portals starting with “5 ways to…” present an excellent example of native articles content writers are dealing with.

Responsive Web Design

Though someone might think responsive web design is not directly related to writing, we disagree as it is very important for the text to be visible on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones) which is the crucial goal of this approach. It is important for the text and images to be equally visible. For this reason, flexible image formats are used so they can adjust to all devices.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO could be defined as a process for creating optimized content for search engines like Google and Bing, that will attract traffic to a website via organic search. The key of this process is to attract as much traffic to the website, by using the power the search engines are offering. By typing keywords or key phrases, the potential consumers can come across your site, if the SEO has been done properly. There are numerous elements that affect the optimization of a text such as keywords, titles, subtitles, images, metadata, etc.


This is a programming term, and the real definition might be too complicated to understand, so we decided to clarify the importance of snippets for content writers. It is a simple short description of the text below the URL and text title, visible when we search any term in a browser. We can change it and adjust it to our needs in the SEO extension called Yoast. Snippets should also contain keywords.


It’s a WordPress extension, helping to optimize texts for browsers. It provides the list of priorities in a clear way and gives feedback in points (from 0 to 100, where 100 represents the best result). It helps in the selection of keywords and key phrases, in optimization of the whole text, titles, subtitles, images description, snippet, etc. It also shows a keyword density, signals if the text has properly been formatted, readability, etc. The usage of this extension is rather easy to be used and many SEO writers use it.

We hope you liked this blog post. Feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. If you want your site to have optimized content, blog section with interesting and useful texts, book a meeting with us so we can develop the most creative content strategy for you.