6 questions for your customers that will help you improve your brand
6 questions for your customers that will help you improve your brand

Brand surveys help us find out how customers perceive, understand, and see the brand. When we want to find out, there are important questions we ask them in the survey. In this blog, we will deal with the most important issues, the ones we can learn a lot from. The way we ask questions and how we interpret the answers brings us important information. So, prepare for the upcoming 6 questions that will help you gain important insights and if you use them in the right way, you will be able to improve your brand.

A brand is as strong as its reputation. 40% of purchasing decisions are made based on brand awareness and how much customers know about it. To ensure your brand is always relevant to customers, they need to see its key elements in every segment of the company – the products, employees, and services you provide.

Based on the survey and 6 questions you will ask customers, you will get the information you can use for making strategic decisions based on relevant data. The survey includes questions designed to understand what is most important to your target audience, but also whether your brand manages to meet their expectations. So let’s list them now.

How do you perceive your brand?

1.How do you perceive your brand?

This is an important question because that’s how you find out how the customer perceives your brand. The information you get in this way can help you understand what you need to communicate differently in order to change the perception of the brand in public.

Another reason to ask this question is emotions. What emotions does your brand evoke in customers? What do they associate him with? Is it e.g. modern, fun, luxurious, or intended for family people? The knowledge you will gain in this way helps to better create content on social networks and the site. Surveys are one of the most powerful tools marketers have, so let’s use them.

What is missing?
What is missing?

2.What is missing?

Once you’ve learned how people see you, it’s time to find out what customers think you’re missing. This question can be expanded with additional sub-questions, which will help you explore how customers see your products or services. Be as specific as possible in asking questions.

Once you get the answers, you can use them to improve your brand, services, website, online shop, etc. While we all know that asking questions is important, somehow we also know that it is not easy to ask them and ask for feedback. But research shows that brands that do not seek information from customers in this way miss the opportunity to improve their market presence and increase profits.

How can we improve our business?

3.How can we improve our business?

This is a turning point in the survey when you try to talk to customers about the emotional side of the relationship they have with the brand. The rational side is always in the focus, but what if there is a problem? We need to talk about it. We usually do not look at the situation objectively, because we look at it only from our own perspective. Once we understand that we need to be honest with the brand and the company, then we can move towards solving problems and progress. Again, sub-questions should give us a deeper insight into a possible problem. So ask – what do you think about our customer service? How would you rate (1 to 10) our xy product? And so on.

How did you hear about us?
How did you hear about us?

4.How did you hear about us?

This is another opportunity to unlock new opportunities for your company. Knowing where your customers come from will help the brand grow. For a better understanding of the target group, it is important e.g. to know how they get to your site. The right path will also lead to better planning of messages, in order to address the audience. Therefore, when customers give you the answer that they have found you on the Internet, it is important to ask additional questions. This way you can find out if they have found you on social media or in some other way. Also, in this way, you can find out what content is interesting to your target group and in order to further enhance it.

What is the reason you’ve chosen us?
What is the reason you’ve chosen us?

5.What is the reason you’ve chosen us?

Why does a customer buy this product and not that one? First, it is important to define the reasons the customer makes the purchase decision. When a company knows this, then it can build a story around these reasons and target a potential target group with these messages. Marketers are usually very surprised to learn that brands do not invest enough time in researching their customers. Without it, it is not possible to create products or services that will be made based on someone’s specific needs. And when a product is designed that way (without research), it is a sure path to a disaster, because the data is not behind the decision to start investing in a product or service. It is important e.g. to study why certain services are needed in larger cities and why it is pointless to open such a business in a smaller place.

Would you recommend us to your friends and family?
Would you recommend us to your friends and family?

6.Would you recommend us to your friends and family?

When a company asks a question like this, it wants very valuable information. In addition to “YES”, the answer also contains reasons why they would do so, i.e., in that way they praise the company and its products. Also, if they will recommend a product to family or friends, it should mean that they like it very much because we still recommend only the best to our closest ones.

However, if the answer is “NO”, it tells us a few things. First, such a customer may not have understood what the product or service is for, so it will certainly not be a good recommendation for you. Then, maybe the product doesn’t bring any value, so again the customer can’t recommend it in a good enough way to someone else. Finally, maybe the customer finds the competition services inadequate, so you should find out the reasons (by asking additional questions).

And when it comes to positive feedback – always, always look for a clear recommendation for social networks or the site. Explain what you expect to be included in the recommendation and how you will use it in the future – whether you will put it on the site or promote it on social networks, etc. You may want to offer some additional benefits for a specific customer, so make sure to communicate them transparently.

Titans like asking questions but answering questions as well

If you have any questions or doubts related to the growth of your brand, or you want to develop a brand strategy or define the key brand elements – we are here at your disposal to answer all questions and contribute to the growth of your brand.

If you want us to create surveys for your brand, contact us. Our team can create surveys and help you get loads of valuable info needed to grow your brand and company.

The brand survey can enable us an insight into the way and brand segments we could improve together. At the same time, if there are certain problems, we can identify them in this way and find the solution to solve them.