Emojis, emoticons, or as we call them in Serbian smilies are here, are part of our correspondence with friends, but also Google searches. Apart from using them in private or less often in business correspondence, they can generally be useful for business as well. To show you how useful they can be if you incorporate them into your SEO and PPC strategy, we decided to write a blog 👩‍💻 on this topic.

Before we look at the specific reasons why smileys should be part of your online communication, let’s remember this one. Many use them and without any doubt, it can be said that millennials and buzzers use them more than words. According to research, (more than 30%) think emoticons are much better for expressing emotions than words 🤷‍♀️.

Smileys are already present in parts of the metadata, such as the snippet or title tag. And when it comes to Google Ads, smileys can be part of the title. And as this is a known fact, some sites already add them to the titles of their pages. So when users search Google, they can use emoticons instead of words, representing those words, and the result will be exactly the same. However, emojis in headlines don’t really have any impact on rankings, but they can still be useful. How? 👇

1.With emoticons for a better CRT

Yes, Click Through Rate (CRT) can be increased when emoticons are used. When you use emoticons in your snippets, it will attract more attention from Google searchers. They will see them in search, it will catch their attention 🗣 and make them click. By making an effort to use emoticons, you will attract the attention of potential customers and show them you speak the same language.

Google executives have confirmed that clicked pages more frequently have a greater chance of organically climbing to the top positions on the first page of the search engine. This is confirmed by the concrete results of Google ads, where the CRT can be increased by 30%, only if emoticons are used. Two exactly the same ads, with the same copy and visuals, can have different results just because of emoticons 😉.

2.Emoticons can improve search relevance

Google’s main goal, when someone enters the search engine, is to offer them the most relevant possible result to their search query. Therefore, it is quite logical that emoticons should be part of it if the situation allows their use.

If we want to illustrate this with an example, we can do it in the following way. If your business deals, for example, with the sale of food for dogs 🐶 or cats 🐱, then it would not be a bad idea to insert emoticons representing these two species in the title or meta description. In this way, you will more easily and quickly attract the attention of the potential buyer and cause an emotion 😻, which will encourage him to buy.

Google includes emoticons in search results only when it is relevant to the user. So, when someone searches for shoes 👠 on sale, he/she can do it in two ways. The first is to write shoe sales and the second is to combine an emoticon and a word. Google will recognize both and offer the customer the best discounts in town. However, our practice shows that there are still more searches that include emoticons than those that contain only words.

3.Improve user experience (UX)

User experience is a well-known indicator of quality and Google has always given importance to it. On mobile phones 📱, UX is an important site ranking factor, which Google pays attention to and takes into account. The last few algorithmic updates for mobile phones have focused on the user experience.

As good navigation is one of the things that contribute to a better user experience, we can’t help but wonder how emoticons fit into this whole story. They are useful because they speed up the process of finding information on the site.

In this way, customers can search for content faster, and in addition, the site can also offer an answer in the form of emoticons, because it uses the same code language as the user. When we speak the same language as our website visitors, they feel safe, accepted, and as if someone listened to them ✅

4.With the help of smileys, you can improve the degree of trust with clients

This mostly refers to the creation of content and the use of emoticons in communication with clients. Since you use the same language, you express emotions with emoticons, i.e. visually, it can appeal to your target group.

Depending on the industry you operate in, emoticons will be an extra layer to add to your communication and make it more interesting and meaningful. When a customer sees a certain group of emoticons, he/she can remember some beautiful moments with the brand💃, which is a re-stirring of emotions and builds a deeper relationship.

Several studies have been done on this topic and all of them have shown that emoticons have a much greater impact on building trust than text. Text 📃 is also influential, but emoticons have a stronger impact.

5.Chance for smaller businesses

Emoticons are fun and useful, they have the power to bring you closer to the younger target audience and to easily establish communication with them. However, there are still opinions that smileys are something that makes communication frivolous and too relaxed 🤪. These are mostly big players on the market, such as banks 👩‍💼, corporations🧑‍💼 from various industries, etc.

What is the advantage of a small business? Precisely because they are not afraid of experimenting and will more easily accept the idea of ​​putting an emoticon in the title, advertisement, etc. It happens that they do it very intuitively and put smiley faces on their Instagram and Facebook profiles, and then they appear in Google searches and easily attract the attention of local customers. So, entering the 🔝 setting on Google search sometimes requires just a bit more courage.

Go for it – emoticons are good for your business

Our recommendation is to use smileys because they can bring more good results than they can harm. They certainly won’t help with rankings, that’s clear, but they can bring a new kind of communication with a younger target group. If your business aims for a younger target group, then you should definitely consider including emoticons in your communication, SEO, and PPC strategy. If you need help with that, you can contact us 🤙 and we will suggest the best strategic direction your company should take. And before you contact us, be sure to read our blog about the 5 benefits of cooperation with a full-service marketing agency 🙌 .