Where are designers, and what are they doing in the middle of the #COVID19 crises?
Where are designers, and what are they doing in the middle of the #COVID19 crises?

During the April,  UN (United Nations) recognized the creative potential of graphic designers and others from creative field, and called them to take part in a general mobilization of good ideas with a wish to spread the message of the importance of prevention and keeping good health worldwide. 

The most important task of all professionals and enthusiasts in the field of graphic design, based on the suggestion of the UN, was to prevent spreading false and incomlete news about corona virus. To support this, UN and the World Health Organization (WHO), decided to start a competition for the most creative ideas. The ideas were supposed to communicate vital messages about health via visuals in different languages, for all nations and all possible platforms.

This is just one of the ways to spread an important message and point out the significance of graphic design and all creatives working in the industry, as well as on the role they could have during the pandemic period. 

Creativity has to fit the unique nature of crisis

These are the words, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, announced the competition and pointed out the key messages designers should pass: physical distance or as someone call it social distance, personal hygiene, symptoms of corona virus, as well as the general empathy and solidarity.

What should we notice here? Platforms and means of communication of these messages were diverse. Besides the popular communication via Internet platforms (social media posts, YouTube video content, etc.), other forms were used too, such as posters.

One of the examples, as the message was spreading the streets of London, was a visual on a poster created by an agency called “Creative Clinic” for initiative “clap for all our caregivers”. This initiative encouraged people to show solidarity with health and social workers, so the supported them by clapping on their windows, yards, etc.

This initiative became immensely popular. Now they have their website and different packages of support. I.e., visuals you can download from their Internet presentation.

example of the star bucks logo
example of the star bucks logo

A Slovenian designer has combined corona with logo redesign

Jure Tovrljan redesigned several world-famous logos, to show the impact of coronavirus on the whole world. This Slovenian graphic designer worked on logos of some of the most famous brands, like Master Card, Starbucks, Nike. in a series of 12 redesigned logos, he showed the way coronavirus influences people and businesses around the world.

Jure explains his inspiration: “I believe these logos are a visual message we can all understand.” if anything on them changes, it attracts attention, he adds, and says people feel different seeing it and feel uncomfortable.

This is exactly what Jure thinks the world-famous logos are an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of a big number of people, and people will look into famous brands with more sense of authority than into world leaders. We agree with his attitude and think each crisis is an excellent opportunity to give a chance to creative people, attract attention of the target audience in a different way. Whether it’s an artistic-activist approach, or offering advice and help to your target audience, which is something brands do – the outcome is the same, buyers follow the sent messages.

sketches of icons for covid 19
sketches of icons for covid 19

Zombijana has an important message for her Instagram audience

A famous regional illustrator, that attracts a lot of attention on Instagram but other social media as well, Anrijana Vesovic (known as Zombijana) often presents the current social phenomena in her illustrations. This time (related to coronavirus) she sent a message to her followers in her unique way.

All the crucial messages about prevention and behavior during the crises are communicated in her post. These messages found their way to her followers and the post had 15 000 likes. Though created at the very beginning of the COVID19 crises, we could say it is currently even now, due to the universal nature of the messages and understanding the basics of the most vital points she emphasized.

A domestic brand that adjusted its logo due to the COVID-19 crises

A well-known domestic coffee brand, with a unique concept of enjoying the ritual of drinking coffee in a wonderful space of their coffee places region-wide, is present on our market for six years. Kafeterija is an excellent example of branding the business and shows the way something small could become a very popular brand.

Their unique logo has undergo a transformation a few weeks ago, when their designers recognized the importance and the moment, and following the world trends, announced their logo will be transformed as long as the crises lasts. 

Logo, consists of two cups, one of them is turned up so the steam goes out of it, the other one is turned down so the coffee from the first cup comes into it. Together they look like a sand clock – now they are separated, according to social distancing recommendation, so the other cup is empty.

Their Instagram fans rewarded this idea with many likes and positive comments, praising their creativity, solidarity and professional attitude of this brand in these challenging times.

example of a post for eurocrem
example of a post for eurocrem

Hashtag #stayathome inspired Titan Design team too

Our designers made a series of posts for our Swisslion client since corona virus crises started. Inspiration is all around us, and in one of the posts, we will take as an example – we found the inspiration in everyday online meetings, studying and writing homework our kids are dealing fast with to get a sweet reward – #eurocrem. The idea was to encourage people to stay at home by giving them a positive example.

Which Swisslion post you like the most? 

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