Creating an Authentic Brand

Creating a brand identity is a complex, multilayered process that involves a well-defined strategy. The brand is the company’s ID. Market and competition are rapidly increasing, and a lot of effort and work is needed to distinguish from others. Hence, building a brand is the first and most important precondition for attracting and keeping your clients, i.e. brand consumers. Significant steps in creating a brand:

  • Establishing a clear vision and mission of your brand
    • Defining a target audience
    • Establishing a clear message you send to your target audience
    • Constant contact with your audience and their needs
  • Uniqueness
    • Trust
  • Visual identity and integrity

Colors – The Most Important Segment in Creating the Visual Brand Identity

The very first thought related to the visual identity of any brand – Coca-Cola, Ford, Google, McDonald’s – is all about logo and colors, isn’t it?

Colors turn out to be the prevailing element, the first perceptive contact with any brand.

Colors are important because they

  • Draw attention
  • Stir emotions
  • Act as a middleman in passing the message to the brand’s audience and market in general
  • Become synonymous to the brand

Psychological, Universal, and Cultural Aspect Related to the Perception of Colors

Depending on culture, and religion, people tend to have different perceptions when it comes to colors.

A study that included the 100 most famous brands worldwide, has come to the following conclusion.

  • Blue color leads, because more than 33% of the top brands use it
  • To maintain a minimalist appearance, 95% of brands use only one or two colors.

B2B or B2C

Type of business is one of the crucial aspects in the selection of colors for brand identity. Orange and yellow give the impression of trust and warmth. For this reason, many B2B companies opt for these colors to avoid the cooperative look. The best examples are Amazon, Nickelodeon, Penguin Books.

On the other hand, to achieve the calming effect and the sense of stability, some companies have chosen blue as the predominant one. The blue color is a perfect choice for companies dealing with money or health, like Nivea, PayPal, Visa.

Classic or Modern Look?

Brands aiming for a minimalist and modern look, usually pick white or grey. The best examples are companies dealing with modern technologies, like Apple and Tesla.

Black color is also a grand choice as it is associated with an elegant, sophisticated look. No wonder this color has become a top choice for brands that show the tendency for a classic look. These are mostly fashion brands, such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas.

In case you’re

  • Considering creating a visual identity of your brand
  • Having any questions
  • Searching for professional suggestions and guidance in strategizing and building the visual identity of your brand, contact us. You can expect our prompt reply. We think and work in a team, and build brand strategies in accordance with our clients’ needs and requirements, but also in accordance with the latest trends.