Logo design for Fit 4 Life

Client Requirements: : Logo can not be reminded that only one sport . We do not have special and certain desires . Require the application of the t-shirt and business cards .
Brand name: Fit for lifet
Slogan:Not Required
The target group that would be interested in your brand: All who like to practice, primarily those who like to have a hobby. Both women and men.
Description: Fit for Life has 4 types of exercise. We would like to number 4 is inserted into the logo. Exercise is based on individual work. Use cardio machines, working with those who want to exercise self-defense, kung fu, motor abilities in children.
Files that require: should be in EPS and PNG format . We also need and jpg format.
Our work: At the request of the client, we inserted a number 4 in the logo alone , but so we designed a number 4 in the form of a figure, a person who do exercises. Sculpted after training with a trainer who works with the person to fit 4 life . Here’s how to be fit and look good when do the exercise the company Fit 4 Life . Abstract figure, drawn on purpose , not a defined athlete practicing all day . The body is not intentional to ideal proportions , because there was not even intended to represent literal appearance of a human figure , but to show the silhouette of what task the trainer with whom you practice . A serif font , with a combination of round and sharp shape. Why we decided to use serif font ? Really, works harmoniously with the shape of figure , and even obtained a very nice contrast figure and serif letter , which lengthens the word Fit 4 Life . We have not forgotten the target group, not only men , but also ladies , so this figure as the number 4 the perfect fit with the gentle serif letters.

Fit 4 life
Fit 4 life