Logo design for company “Pelagus”

Clients Requirements: In Latin, Pelagus means sea – the bigest amount of water in the nature. The sea relaxes and fascinates us with greatnes, waves, sounds, freedom, grace, simplicity and adaptability. Water is necessary for life, and 60% of our body is water. Be like the water, and have a water characteristics is our goal. We would also like to have a dolphin logo.
Slogan: Quality in the simplicity.
Targeted Group: Professional and recreation athletes, and the one who wants to do simple daily activities, with style.
What logo should say to the targeted audience: Logo should comunicate our values.
What colours should represent company and logo? If you want, you can give us possibility to choose: We thought about black and blue, but we will let you to decide.
Required files: Logo should be in EPS and PNG format.
Logo Use: Website, banners, flyers and business cards
Our Work: After 12 different sketches and logo solution propositions, we made the logo which one is fully filled the clients requirements.