Domaci kolac Swisslion takovo

Domaći Kolači (Homemade Cookies) Packaging Design

We designed the packaging for three cookie flavors: strawberry, cherry, and orange. The design consists of a picture of the product on the right-hand side of a checkered surface and a picture of the logo and what the product is made from on the right. The print was made on white foil using the flexo printing technique. Each solution is dominated by colors depending on the type of a particular product. Each graphic and photographed/retouched element is in the same position. The design is consistent for each type of biscuit and follows the product line. The orange color was used for orange-flavored cookies, dark red was used for cherries, and red for strawberries. We photographed the product from multiple angles, but we eventually decided on this one where you can see the chocolate from above, as well as the product structure and composition as seen when it’s cut. That way, in a visual sense, the customer can clearly see what he is buying.