Logo design Eslavistas

The client’s request for a logo Eslavistas was to design a logo that will reflect his agency, whose job is translation from Spanish language into the languages of the Balkan people, from Slovenian, Croatian , Serbian to Macedonian. The task was not easy since it is very difficult for logo, at first glance just a symbol or sign of paint such a broad , yet a certain spectrum of business. Working and drawing sketches for the logo design, we came up with the idea to draw a pen surrounded by the letters. Pen with its clear symbolism, to say something to him or overwritten. In fact here is prescribed from one language to another, or other languages. That’s why we made around the entire pen of a combination of letters from the Cyrillic , Latin alphabet with some words from the Spanish language , which overlap one over the other in different sizes and thus create a contrasting and harmonious relationship between each other . The logo is on a black background with a combination of blue and gray. In this case, blue combined with gray should presents the business and corporate character appearance . The capital letter „E “ is blue and like that, it breaks the monotony that would be it is all written in gray. In that way, we have such a clear difference between Eslavistas and sufficient contrast and readability.